Monday, March 31, 2008

Par-tay Oh 8!

A little glimpse into the secret activities that occur when four old friends get together for the yearly road trip.

Fortunately for us, what happens in Tyler--stays in Tyler!

We started our trip with a little surprise, Mary had made a DVD trip down memory lane, complete with high school yearbook photos.

Our lodging...outside...

... and, inside.

Shopping for steak and PJs

Breakfast on the deck.

When your B&B has decorations like this....

... you should expect some of this.

No longer allowed to dine in the presence of strangers.

Tyler Azalea Trail
We hadn't really planned the trip to see the flowers, but it sure worked out well.

Lafon, our friendly innkeeper

We had to stop shopping before we ran out of room.

Our last meal together, at Joe T's

Good food!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wishing Rock

One of Joey's friends gave him a "wishing rock" today. Joey told me that anything you wish for with the rock comes true. For example, when we waited in the hall for the rain to stop after school, Joey wished he would find his black marker to draw with. Then he walked into his classroom and found his black marker in his cubbie. He also wished for food because I hadn't packed a snack, and then, in his room when he mentioned to his teacher that he was hungry, she gave him a banana.

He also wished he was a superhero, but that wish did not come true.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Max's Party

Max finally got his birthday party.... 13 days after his real birthday.
Bowling at Dart Bowl

Friday, March 14, 2008

Make Art

We worked on this piece of art for many years before it finally gave up the ghost recently. Some lucky Goodwill worker will enjoy repairing or dismantling this charmer.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Left over from Maker Faire

Last summer, when we were at Maker Faire, the Chronicle had a booth where you could make your own announcement. They posted some of the photos on their newspaper machines around Austin, and then the rest were posted to the Chronicle site.

I found the slip of paper with the weblink, downloaded these photos, then lost the slip of paper.

Look how hot we were! October that felt like August -- UGH! And summer is coming again. It is supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow, we might break a record -- DOUBLE UGH!

Monday, March 10, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXY! (and other news)

March third, our special middle guy turned nine years old. His birthday weekend was spent in Fort Worth enjoying opening day at Six Flags! That was a blast, then we had a family birthday cake for him on his actual birthday. Then his friend party has to be on hold until all his buddies get home from Spring Break. So this Sunday, watch out for crazy fun at Dart Bowl, Max's favorite place to celebrate.....

Other things I meant to post.... but forgot......

During cookie sales, this is what our recycling looked like on Fridays. Each of those case boxes held 12 individual boxes of cookies. The sale lasted 5 weeks, and our recycling looked like that each week.

Emma ultimately sold...... 1064 boxes of cookies! Woo HOo!!! She will get all sorts of goodies, and parties and receptions along with the other 1000+ sellers. But I am most jealous of the 1000+ Club patch. I really wish I would get one too!

Tried to donate blood with the girls one day a short while back, unfortunately my iron level was one point too low. So I just sat around mouthing the words.... "this part really hurts" right as the nurse was about to stick my friends.... (I'm a naughty slightly anemic girl!)

And of course, I did enjoy the post donation breakfast just as if I had donated... hopefully next time I'll be good to go.

Just got this photo of Joey's lost tooth out of the camera. His second one is wiggly and he's sad about losing it.
Emma finally got her birthday party, a few weeks late...but it was really fun. We invited a few friends to eat pizza at Mellow Mushroom on the drag (excellent pizza) and then we went to Amy's for ice cream, then home for gifts. A girls night out. I'm training Emma to enjoy girls night and I hope she has a lifetime of good girls' nights with her friends...

Now, that almost catches me up.... I just have about a three weeks of delayed chattiness to go before I'm up to current events. Hopefully I'll stay on track now, but if not, I've got a good excuse. I'm busy!!!!!!