Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mister SIX

Yippee for Joey who is SIX years old today.
We love you Jo-Jo!

We had a Ben 10 birthday party for him at Zilker Park. If you are not "in the know" Ben 10 is a show on Cartoon Network. Ben is a little boy who can turn into any one of ten aliens. The beauty of this is that it gives the loving parent an almost endless supply of things to buy. But that's another story.... Today we used those ten aliens to make ten birthday games. I remembered to take photos of a couple of them! The names of the aliens are highlighted.

Four Arms/ Three-legged Race

Upgrade-ing their cupcakes

We missed the Zilker Train - twice!
So on the fly, David and I invented this "train game" which was really Crack the Whip.
The train motif was to honor the alien named XLR8.

Joey had a good time, and the guests seemed to as well. We are having pizza for dinner and opening presents. The fun continues.....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The other blog.....

I feel like I'm cheating on Rocket Tots. For years, it has been the little task that, at times, I eagerly poured my thoughts into. Other times, when life gets dull, it nags me like a report I need to write for school.

Then, a new feeling, I started a blog called "Estate Sale Mama" about my hobby. I'm all fired up to post photos of the things I find, and write about eBay. It is so new, so fresh, so easy. But poor old neglected R.T. just sits here. So, here I am, with something not so dull to report, hoping that I appease the Rocket Tot task master:

I'll let you know that David and I had a nice date on Saturday. Our priest at church has a daughter we love, and we asked to have her come babysit/sleepover, then we would drive her to church the following morning. My kids were looking forward to it all week. (of course I did too!)

We went out to the Alamo to see Superbad and I give it a rave review. ALTHOUGH, it is not a film I would actually recommend to many people, a few, yes, but most, no. It is very full of cuss words, and high school boy fixations on sex and booze. But it is by Judd Aptow, who makes the funniest comedies (40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up) and this was funnier than both of those. David and I bought our tickets online, but because we tried to play it cheap and eat at home before we went, we got to the theater right as it started. Not a problem with pre-sold tickets, yet still a problem when there was only one seat on the very back row. The theater accommodated us with folding chairs in the handicap spot. Not comfy but smack in the center, so we did OK. We were probably better off than if we had gotten there 15 minutes earlier.

I did Girl Scout training for five hours (!!!) on Saturday, so that movie was just the raunchy counterpoint to all the Girl Scout goodness I was exposed to.

Now, go check out my other blog.

I'll try to post here or there semi-frequently.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I just got new tennis shoes!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11

I completely agree with Leonard Pitts' editorial published yesterday.

stocking up

Sometimes there are little ideas (often of interest only to me) that keep popping into my head that make me think I should write about them in some way. Weird facts about life or what have you. Here is one that I can't believe I'm remembering when I'm actually sitting at the computer.

It seems lately, these last ten years, my brain doesn't work quite right. Take grocery shopping for instance. When I go, which is at least four trips per week, I don't use a shopping list, I rely on my faulty memory. So I cruise the aisles hoping to have the item itself trigger my memory. I will get on a kick where I am so thankful that I remembered, let's say, MAYONAISE because I know we were very low and I'd hate to run out. Well, there are about 3 big jars of mayonaise in my pantry right now. There are 4 1/2 bottles of dish soap under the sink. For a while it was margerine. For a while eggs. David says nothing, but keeps storing away my mistakes as though I'm stocking a bomb shelter.

The one item that doesn't worry me is my toilet paper hoarding. I swear I didn't dream this, but when we lived in Seattle, there was all that fighting about the spotted owl and logging. I clearly remember hearing a story on the radio that the loggers would protest by cornering the market on toilet paper to teach us all a lesson about the importance of paper products that their logging provides. Ever since then I hoard TP. When we get down to 6 rolls, I start to get a little worried.

Anyway, that is a strange fact about Kathy that I'll bet you didn't know until just now.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

what's up

Boring stuff to report. I'm starting to jog daily... actually, I've been doing it for a month. I'm up to walking two blocks and then jogging every third which is more than I did when I started.

The kids are loving school. They dig into homework without problems. They aren't yet griping about the repetitious lunches I invariably make.

I'm polishing up my resume. Getting ready to apply for a couple of jobs. Got one Architecture job in the back pocket, I think. Not sure if it's a good fit, project wise, but I would have flexible hours which is important at this stage. And it is not computer system research which is the last real "job" I had.... it kicked my bootie.

Did the photo albums - Huge Achievement! -

House was very clean, but not so much anymore. Our life is just messy.

I guess that's it.

Monday, September 03, 2007

I'm going to make you jealous (if you are a mom anyway...)

I just finished putting all my photos into photo albums.