Tuesday, September 11, 2007

stocking up

Sometimes there are little ideas (often of interest only to me) that keep popping into my head that make me think I should write about them in some way. Weird facts about life or what have you. Here is one that I can't believe I'm remembering when I'm actually sitting at the computer.

It seems lately, these last ten years, my brain doesn't work quite right. Take grocery shopping for instance. When I go, which is at least four trips per week, I don't use a shopping list, I rely on my faulty memory. So I cruise the aisles hoping to have the item itself trigger my memory. I will get on a kick where I am so thankful that I remembered, let's say, MAYONAISE because I know we were very low and I'd hate to run out. Well, there are about 3 big jars of mayonaise in my pantry right now. There are 4 1/2 bottles of dish soap under the sink. For a while it was margerine. For a while eggs. David says nothing, but keeps storing away my mistakes as though I'm stocking a bomb shelter.

The one item that doesn't worry me is my toilet paper hoarding. I swear I didn't dream this, but when we lived in Seattle, there was all that fighting about the spotted owl and logging. I clearly remember hearing a story on the radio that the loggers would protest by cornering the market on toilet paper to teach us all a lesson about the importance of paper products that their logging provides. Ever since then I hoard TP. When we get down to 6 rolls, I start to get a little worried.

Anyway, that is a strange fact about Kathy that I'll bet you didn't know until just now.


Mom said...

I cleaned out the pantry yesterday and found four new bottles of red wine vinegar. Why I have that many I don't know.

And I understand the toilet paper hoarding, only now I do it when I find the RGULAR size rolls of something that doesn't look like industrial TP. I wheeled through the store the last time with several huge packages of regular size Northern. Manufacturers think everyone wants to supersize even their TP, but my bathroom holders just won't work that way. So why isn't there a big display of TP holder extensions? What has everyone else done who has non-adaptable holders?
(sorry for the soap box)

Julie said...

Umm...sister, may I say two words: shopping list. Keep it on the fridge, write down "mayo" when you get low. Works wonders.

Mom - find one of those darn adapters for your TP. You'll love not having to change that paper as often.

I was so impressed a year or so ago when I went to a woman's house and she actually had a menu for the week's dinner. Then I tried it and it actually isn't that hard to do. Though I only plan about 5 days out at a time. But I've gotten better with keeping track of what is in my pantry!

Mom said...

I am happily waiting for Julie to find two for me since she thinks they are all that easy to locate.