Friday, April 29, 2005

What, me Liberal?

I was so surprised to get a particular comment on my last posting. Someone asked me to "nix the liberalism", (the translation to English from Pig Latin is by me). Then the writer asked what SUV I drive.

First, I would be surprised if anyone who reads this weblog is not a) one of my blood relatives, or b)a person who has actually ridden in my Subaru, or c) conscious of my political leanings.

For the record, I've really admired SUV's, because they look so cool. I think they would fit my family lifestyle since I regularly drive more than three children in the afternoons to dance class, baseball games, or on playdates. I am never a lone driver. A minivan would also work, but as far as I know, none have a stick and I still like to live in the fantasy view that I am still cool because I drive standard transmission. However, I have written letters to the editor of two papers, an email to the Everyday Ethicist, and have had countless conversations stating why I believe SUVs are really a bad idea for our country.

For those that truly have no alternative for what they have to haul, they seem like a very appropriate vehicle. Maybe for taking the work crew out to the oil rig, or what have you. But man, to drive yourself, in town, to and from work, like so many of the SUV drivers I see here in Austin, they don't seem to be very "conservative" in terms of gas consumption, emissions, and safety for the general driving public.

Not to mention, the people getting rich off our gulping of oil are often in Saudi Arabia, where, by the way, many of the hijackers of 9/11 came from. You know, I feel really good and extra patriotic thinking I'm starving the Saudis of a little piece of America's assets. I wish we could think of some energy source and have THEM buy from the good old USA for the next 50 years. That's because I'm so patriotic. I love America a lot more than Saudi Arabia.

I'm posting a photo of my beloved (100,000+ mile) Red Subaru wagon, so you can wish my sweet ride a little goodwill.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

ummm, yes, this is my point. Posted by Hello

Pig Latin and Enemy Combatants

OK, this is a completely random thought. I was reading an editorial today where the writer slipped in a line of Pig Latin to make a point. And, of course, of the three or four words he used, one was the ubiquitous "ixnay". Why is "ixnay" in 100% of Pig Latin conversations, while its English equivalent, "nix" is seldom heard in our casual vocabulary?

Other than thinking about that koen all day, I've been mourning The Spring. It seems like we are firmly entrenched in The Summer now. It was hot today as I walked up to school to pick up the kids. Sweaty hot. I think the high was supposed to be close to 90 degrees. Damn global warming. Makes me want to fire politicians who espouse more drilling, and now, "nukular" power plants, instead of renewable power... Does the "firing politicians" part of that last sentence make me an Enemy Combatant? See how cranky I get when it's hot?

Monday, April 25, 2005

Emma's Writing Assignment

Emma was supposed to write a story for school. This is her first (unedited) draft, exactly as David and I read it tonight. I hope you enjoy, "How the Elephent got its ears".

How the Elephent got its ears

once, long agow thar was a baby elephent. He liked to play in mud, (un like all the other elephents) al thou he had plenty of friends. one day he said to his mom, "I'm hungry. We always have to have a bit of food a week." "Well, why don't you look for some penuts out side." his mom exclaimed. so he went out for some penuts. On the way he met a elf. "hey. I hurd you wanted some more food." the elf said. "yea but how can you get me any food." baby elefhent said. " I need you to follow me. But let me warn ya It gives difrent animals 1 big body part. ARe you shor"? Oh Im shore alright. Id rather look silly than die of starvathtion." baby elephent said. "Well make sure with your mom or dad." Okay. and baby elephent ran home. "hey mom.""yes" I got some thing exsept I need to ask you something." "yes dear, what is it". "The food will give surten animals big somethings." what ever makes you happy." so he took the food, and sure enuf he got something big. Ears! all the others wanted some and he told them whar the elf was and now all elephents have big ears.

The end

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Welcome to ILLVILLE Posted by Hello

Arlan Market Posted by Hello


Every year, I get a weekend off from my day job. I leave with four of my dearest friends for another exciting adventure. This year was our friend Julie's turn to plan, and the destination was Galveston! It was a wonderful, relaxing, funny weekend. I consider these trips a success if at some point I laugh so hard I'm in jeopardy of wetting myself. This year the first of those moments came before we even stepped into our rent house.

Julie had made all our arrangements online. She'd spoken to the owner about the security system. We had the key, we were ready for action. We made the drive over to Galveston, over the causeway and onto the island. As we got further down the road, we went through some rougher areas of town. We stopped at a little grocery store to stock up for the weekend (a very important mission) and got the impression that the grocery store might be the scene of parking lot crack deals and the like. We did our business quickly and got the van loaded, and set off for the last bit of driving to the Hybiscus Hideaway. As we left the parking lot, we noticed the street we were turning onto was the one our house was on. Dirctly across from the Arlan Grocery exit we were looking at an old run-down abandoned house, another house straight ahead and next to it, an old house with an elderly black man slowly rocking on the front porch.

We drove down the street and started thinking that we might be right around the house we were renting, but we were a little nervous about the neighborhood. So we slowly drove around the block. Maybe our house was several blocks further down.

As we drove, a short distance away we saw the neighborhood nickname "ILLVILLE" spray painted on a building, and a sort of housing project a little further. We circled back around by the grocery store and slowly drove by the house we suspected was ours. The black man in the rocker kept the steady beat, watching us peer out the windows of the minivan.

We read his mind and pictured him saying,
"Oh yeah, this is it. Every weekend a van full of white girls drives by and they think this can't be it, but this is it."

At this point we had all made ourselves nervous and were laughing so hard that we were crying. We stopped the car, just about 50 paces from the Arlan Grocery, unloaded and walked up the steps to what turned out to be a wonderfully funky, cute and colorful house. It was perfect for us. Beautiful flowers outside, plush towels, comfy beds. We had a great time.

We spent the weekend shopping, grilling steak, reading Julie's old backlog of People magazines (did you know Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split up?), playing Balderdash, watching a Stealth Bomber fly overhead while we walked on the beach, giving ourselves beauty treatments and in general not taking care of families for a weekend.

I look forward to my girlfriend trip all year long, and we are already planning Par-tay 2006.

Our Hybiscus Hideaway Posted by Hello

The easy life Posted by Hello

Our girlfriend trip to Galveston, Missy K, Kathy K, Julie K and Mary K. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Busy me.

I've been busy getting ready for a weekend with the girls! I'll report on how that goes once I get home.

I just wanted to describe a discussion with Max yesterday.

We were sitting outside, and Max asked me if I knew how many people lived in Austin Texas. I told him I didn't know, but I bet we could find out. He said, "I know how to find out how many people live on the planet."
Mom:"Oh yeah, how's that?"
Max: "First you get all your friends to come over to your house, and they bring their light with them. Then you can go to space and see the dots."

So, now I know.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lifetime TTD List

I mentioned before that I have a "life list" of things to do, and that riding in a blimp was one of those things. A few years ago, I started thinking of the things that would be on such a list, here's what I had about five years ago :

1)Parachute out of an airplane
2)Learn to play the piano
3)Learn Spanish fluently
4)Travel to Greece
5)Take a cruise to Alaska
6)Learn to tap dance

Of that list, I have learned to tap dance because I have taken classes for the last three years. I LOVE tap class, but that will be tomorrow's post... I think I no longer feel the urge to skydive, having kids sort of made that less appealing, since I'd like to be here to see them grow old.

I'm thinking that having kids will help me with the piano and Spanish, since I will learn each along with them, although the rinky dink Spanish they are learning so far indicates I will be quite old before I'm even close to "fluent". Twice in the last couple of years, I've tried to have a long conversation with a native Spanish (no English) speaker. One was my neighbor's cleaning lady, who I drove across town in a torrential downpour. I tried to tell her I learned Spanish in school, but I don't remember many words. She tried to encourage me, but listening and decyphering her while trying not to have a wreck in the torrential downpour almost made my head explode.

Anyway, back to the list. I think a biggie right now is to take such good care of myself that I will live to be quite old. Here are some others,
1)Perhaps run for political office (I'll start with school board, but work my way up to State Rep.)
2)Renovate house OR move into a neat big old funky house and fix it up (Funky house is probably in funky neighborhood with shitty schools, this one might have to wait..)
3)Travel to New York City with Emma
4)Become a good tap dancer
5)Find out what job I'd like to do when the kids are grown up

I think that's it for now. Perhaps you could share what's on your LTTTDL (Life Time Things To Do List).

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

almost as exciting as seeing it yourself

Um, maybe the citizens of Austin are not as uninterested in blimps as my dear husband is. Not only was there a story on the local news, but their website has a blimp SLIDESHOW! wow. Now I want to ride a blimp. It has just been entered on my "list of things to do in my lifetime". Who do I call?

The BLIMP slideshow Link

uh, sorry.

Um, I apologize for giving you the link to what might possibly be the most boring slideshow ever made! I have one word for KVUE --- EDIT!!! And I couldn't figure out why there was a shot of the American Airlines Jet, twice! This has seriously diminished the magic of the Fuji blimp.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

This is a a bonus posting for Tuesday. A blimp flew right over our neighborhood. I called David at work and he was very underwhelmed, but then when I went back outside it came back. I'm ready to get a shot if it flies right over our house. Posted by Hello

My good old boots were a recent casualty to my eBay sales. Not because I didn't love them, but because my feet got even bigger when I had the three kids. Now they will be forever remembered..... Posted by Hello

My Life on eBay

It all started innocently enough. Actually, not so innocently for Max. He had broken one of my dinner plates. It wasn't special, except to us, a pattern I bought at JCPenneys in Seattle shortly after moving there in the early 90's. But I liked it. So that was the first thing I looked for on eBay. From that single plate I've had over 200 transactions. You can find anything there.

My holy grail was finding a bedspread, Sears, circa 1969 that my sister and I had on our beds. It had Winnie the Pooh on it. I had one blanket, and Julie, who had loved Pooh well into college, did not have one. I always felt like I should give her mine, but I was too stingy. So after years of looking, I couldn't believe I found one.

Now I sell more than buy. I will sell anything. I find old Happy Meal toys on the floor of my car, and up goes a listing. Kids outgrow tap shoes, up goes a listing. David has old t-shirts, up goes a listing. You would not believe the things people buy, did I mention David's old t-shirts? I've made a few attempts to buy things that I think I can sell for more on eBay, it feels very risky, but it has paid off pretty well. I might try something really wierd soon, like old holey underwear. It's always the real crap that sells the quickest, in my experience.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Emma took this picture, I like it so much, I'm planning to get a reprint and let it be our official tenth anniversary photo. May 6 is the one decade mark for us, add the eight years of dating before that, and I've known David almost half my life! Posted by Hello

Emma, Joey and Max, and notice the flower behind Joey's ear! Posted by Hello

Emma in the flowers. Posted by Hello

We saw beautiful bluebonnets on the way to church today so we decided to take some pictures on the way home.... Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

another old picture, in case you're wondering I'm trying to figure out how to work Picasa, which is the free photo organizing program that Blogger encourages you to use. This was Emma's birthday photo with her new doll, Marisol.(Jan 2005) Posted by Hello

Two postings in one day. Now you'll probably have to wait for a week for another one! This picture is actually about a month old, but Emma liked it (and took a copy on her last sleepover). We were in Dallas at the Arboretum and Max took the photo. Posted by Hello

I know it's Emma's turn for a photo and story... but today included an impromptu bluebonnet moment for the boys. We had just gotten done with Garrett's birthday party, and saw this lovely little patch of flowers. Hard to believe that our genetic stew could produce such a dark haired Max followed by Mr.Whitey, Joey. But, there you go.  Posted by Hello

Friday, April 08, 2005


We spent Max's kindergarten year "trying out" the sports. First was Soccer, and for some reason Maxie was on a team with semi-pro 6 year olds. I think some of them have been playing for years. It didn't help that no one in this household has ever played soccer before, and really had little interest in the rules of the game, etc. It was cute, even though Max didn't have "the eye of the tiger".

Then came basketball. Still no eye of the tiger, and worse, a son who begged us not to make him play. Ughh.

But now, it is baseball season. I played lots of softball growing up, David played baseball growing up. We love to watch games, and the uniform is just SO CUTE. Anyway, Max loves it. He asks me if he has a practice or game every day. (Three times a week I get to say "yes!") The weather is perfect, the kids on the team are all learning, Everyone bats each inning until they get a hit. No score taken. They all play on the field at the same time. And Max loves his new Burnt Orange bat so much that he took it to show and tell today.

Thank heaven for baseball!

Max was the first batter up, in the first game of the season. He even got a hit! Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 07, 2005

OK, this is confusing

I have now spent over an hour, simply finding our how to post to my own blog. Maybe you will actually see this post!

I know I just got a photo up. It's Joey and Carson at the carwash. Yesterday they had a playdate, and the first thing they wanted to do was go through the carwash next to school. They are past being afraid of the noise and were squeeling in delight. I looked in the rearview mirror at the very instant my rear windshield wiper was violently removed from the car. After the wash I walked into the wash room looking on the ground for my car part. I finally found it stuck to one of the drippy spinning fringe things, pulled it off and was on my way. I was afraid I had just taken what would be a $50 carwash, but I'll find out today at the auto part store.

Joey and Carson had a blast. Joey has decided that instead of marrying me (I've been top of the list for about three months) he will now marry Carson and that Carson is his new brother.

Inside the carwash Posted by Hello