Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lifetime TTD List

I mentioned before that I have a "life list" of things to do, and that riding in a blimp was one of those things. A few years ago, I started thinking of the things that would be on such a list, here's what I had about five years ago :

1)Parachute out of an airplane
2)Learn to play the piano
3)Learn Spanish fluently
4)Travel to Greece
5)Take a cruise to Alaska
6)Learn to tap dance

Of that list, I have learned to tap dance because I have taken classes for the last three years. I LOVE tap class, but that will be tomorrow's post... I think I no longer feel the urge to skydive, having kids sort of made that less appealing, since I'd like to be here to see them grow old.

I'm thinking that having kids will help me with the piano and Spanish, since I will learn each along with them, although the rinky dink Spanish they are learning so far indicates I will be quite old before I'm even close to "fluent". Twice in the last couple of years, I've tried to have a long conversation with a native Spanish (no English) speaker. One was my neighbor's cleaning lady, who I drove across town in a torrential downpour. I tried to tell her I learned Spanish in school, but I don't remember many words. She tried to encourage me, but listening and decyphering her while trying not to have a wreck in the torrential downpour almost made my head explode.

Anyway, back to the list. I think a biggie right now is to take such good care of myself that I will live to be quite old. Here are some others,
1)Perhaps run for political office (I'll start with school board, but work my way up to State Rep.)
2)Renovate house OR move into a neat big old funky house and fix it up (Funky house is probably in funky neighborhood with shitty schools, this one might have to wait..)
3)Travel to New York City with Emma
4)Become a good tap dancer
5)Find out what job I'd like to do when the kids are grown up

I think that's it for now. Perhaps you could share what's on your LTTTDL (Life Time Things To Do List).


Elisa said...

Hmmm I will have to think about that one. I played the piano while I was growing up for YEARS. I absolutely hated it so that is not on my list and I am not going to torture my kids with that one either. I learned Spanish in college but I have forgotten most of it. The good news is I am learing again by watching Dora the Explorer with Cole. :) I used to want to jump out of a plane, back when my dad was a marine and was willing to take me. No desire for that any more either. Don't have much of a desire to learn to tap dance either...guess I am pretty lame. I would like to get in shape though, wonder if it is possible to have a 6 pack after having 3 kids?

Julie said...

I drive Jim crazy because I don't have much of a Lifetime TTD list. But right now it must include (re)learning how to knit (I even bought the kids knitting book that Emma uses). Actually can it include doing stuff I've done before? Because I'd love to get back to Camp Denali in Alaska, but with kids in tow when they are old enough to have a good time (10 yrs+ I think).

Mom said...

You know your dad is the list maker of the family, but I have been thinking more about this than usual. So here is a partial list for me (in no particular order):
- Make quilts for all eight grandchildren, one now and one when they get married (see, I want to be around a long time).
- Copy the threadbare quilt that was handed down from a distant aunt, the quilt that both girls threaten to steal.
- Spend at least a month at a house right on a nice beach.
- Travel around New England, down as far as Washington DC.
- Visit all the American League baseball parks while the Rangers are playing there. Then start on the National League parks.
- Celebrate a great 50th wedding anniversary with Mike in 2014. Invite everyone who has supported us all these years.

This is a start. Thanks for getting my brain cells going.

Dad said...

I always wanted to try skate boarding... but now my bones are probably too soft. However, I did really enjoy roller blades.