Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's kind of sad when....

.... you can sort your laundry by color: reds, blues, pinks, blacks, whites, and have a complete load of each individual color.

.... on day 5 of the preschool year, the teacher looks at you over your child's head at pick up and says, "I'll call you at home..."

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Missy's Birthday

What a wonderful time, celebrating Missy Kay's birthday at Mary Kay's parent's house. I only missed getting a photo of one kiddo, Maddie! Sorry little friend. Also missed documenting all the daddies.

We had swimming, eating, drinking, caking, presents and lots of visiting. For some reason the kids have gotten older, but we haven't.

David and the swimmers Posted by Picasa

Garrett and Hannah Posted by Picasa

Phoebe and Garrett Posted by Picasa

In the garden Posted by Picasa

Garry and Missy Posted by Picasa

My best girlfriends, Mary, Missy and Julie Posted by Picasa

Hannah and Max-- two of the three 2nd graders at the party Posted by Picasa

Pretty cake Posted by Picasa

birthday girl Posted by Picasa

The kids like Mary-sized portions Posted by Picasa

cake Posted by Picasa

Fun 48 Hours...

I've had the most fun these last 48 hours. And I've become very aware how lucky I am to have such cool, funny friends...

Thursday, I took off with the Art Chicks, for an art field trip to Houston. I'm grateful for the funny friends, and for the (also funny) friends who took my kids home with them after school so that I COULD go to Houston. It was a boost to my mood to be on the road with a crazy, but very courteous and safe driver, Queen Verde, chocolate cravin', funny, Robbin, and our buddy from Marshall, TX, Gretchen. We are now talking about a road trip to Ft. Worth to the Kimball and the Modern.

Friday, I toured the house I loved with Mary V. She is another funny chick and we laughed our way through the house... I've worked past total infatuation and am now trying to address the realistic concerns involved in buying a house that should properly be condemed. Read the caption below for a good laugh.

After touring the house, I met my Par-tay Girls at the new Hyde Park Cafe location. My friend Erika and her husband are opening the restaurant, and they are giving it a dry run. For two days, all the friends and family have been invited to eat free as guinea pigs while the kitchen gets up to speed. Mary, Julie and I had a wonderful lunch... crab cakes are heavenly...(Go eat at Hyde Park!!!!) and I got to see lots of friends from Bryker Woods and Good Shepherd eating at all the tables around us... FUN!

Then, if that wasn't enough... today is Saturday, I got to be a guinea pig again for Erika.. pizza, chicken fried steak and fries....yum! (Go Eat at Hyde Park!!!!!) and tonight the fourth Par-tay girl Missy Kay is having her birthday party at Mary K's mom and dad's house. Swimming and Bar-B-Que, my oldest funny girlfriends.

I am getting a big dose of happy these days.

The very, very bad smell. Brave Mary and I actually laughed so hard shortly after this photo was taken. We had walked outside and were looking at a porch, when we saw a rat (!) run into the house right in front of us. We both grossed out, then we went around to the side walk to see if we could look past the porch, into the room, and see the rat. While we were looking, and grossing out, my cell phone (with vibrate) went off in my front pocket and I screamed and jumped, she screamed and jumped, and then we died laughing. This visit to the house, my fourth in a week, made me fall out of love with the house a bit.... Posted by Picasa

The good atrium.... again Posted by Picasa

Went to Houston with the Art Chicks---Road Trip! We had so much fun and so many laughs on the way over and back... We saw the Gee's Bend Quilt Exhibit at the Houston Museum of Fine Art. Ate lunch with my uncle Jim. And on the way out of the exhibit made these cool little "quilts" with tape and museum board. Fun, fun, fun.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

built ins! Posted by Picasa

The atrium in the middle of the house Posted by Picasa

I should have never heard about this house on the market. Now I'm in love with it. It is a big fat smelly vomitrocious mess. But I keep imagining our family living in it. We have to win the lotto FAST. The neighborhood calls it the Alamo house. It is out of our budget, but I'm thinking as hard as I can..... Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006

Chinese to English

I'm doing my first ever page translation from a chinese website for my work.... I almost found this translation inspiring:

Small and exquisite, independence "type" to the world

LBP-3200 delicate size, shape unique. Bright blue lakes with white mix complement each other, fluid method provides a dynamic fashion appearance not only save space, a desk, even the most brilliant scenery. Since then, the office away from the traditional office equipment grey boring, LBP-3200 to work with you more relaxed.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Emma and Mrs. Holloway, her fourth grade teacher, on the first day of school. (It is going to be over 100 degrees today, but Emma is in the a/c path in her portable) Posted by Picasa

Max and Mrs. St. Germain, his second grade teacher on the first day of school. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 14, 2006

offspring update


After 7 years with no cable, Emma is finally catching up to the popular culture of her peers. It's really hot, hot, hot outside, so for the last two weeks of summer we've had a "breaking in the cable" festival. For Emma that has meant a steady diet of Disney's original programming. Disney seems to be targeting on the pre-teen female market, and Emma has a target right about center forehead. Suite Life of Zac and Cody, That's So Raven, Hannah Montana have moved in.

At first I felt guilty, like I was voluntarily trading in my PBS loving girl for one who would fall in love with horrible pop songs, and all the commercials and their stuff that we've avoided since moving to Texas. But then I got to thinking about how Emma was sort of left out of all that stuff that her friends talk about. She became a scholar of sitcom, and can now be a part of playground debates. And the shows are pretty innocent. And kind of cute. And I've only downloaded one Hannah Montana song for my iPod.... for Emma! not me!


Only three words needed. King. Of. Bling.

Don't know where this is leading, but he is fascinated with the gumball machines at the grocery store. And at Toy Joy, our most excellent purveyor of merriment, he chose the biggest old Liberace style red plastic ruby ring. I have no hypotheses about this, just hoping it will run its course. We aren't worried about the love of jewelry, per se, but man, this stuff is gaudy.


Watching non stop Shaulin Showdown. Ninja type cartoon. Has magic weapons that David has recreated from the show.

Has many magic wands made from carved sticks. Interest in wands followed last viewing of Harry Potter.

So there you have it, introduce popular culture and you get three couch potatoes. One obsessed with weapons, one in love with pre-teen boy/girl dramas, and one who loves the bling. Go figure.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Last night, at bedtime, both boys were in tears about who I would lie down with first. Max got me, since we are trying to get him on school schedule. And Joey was led to my room, in tears, by David. When Max was asleep, I went to gather Joey. Outside the door to my room, David told me that what I found inside might disturb me. Joey had made a surrogate mom to cuddle with until I could get there. And yes, it did creep me out a little.... Posted by Picasa

Zebra cake, made by Emma. Posted by Picasa

David's Birthday Posted by Picasa

Max and I go to the farmer's market every Saturday morning, because we are currently hooked on tomatoes! Posted by Picasa

Joey develops the BUG SHIELD to protect him from the bug that escaped into our messy gameroom. Posted by Picasa