Friday, August 04, 2006

van name and thinking about fall

Still haven't named the van.

I've had a suggestion that sounded pretty good. Rita, as in margarita. One of my mom friends suggested this one. I was lamenting that Sandy sounded too prissy. And if you are driving a van, you need to go to the other direction for a name. Something slightly slutty. Also in the running, Sissy or Sassy (Sienna derivitive)

When I look at the car, I only think "Big Blocky Whale". But I don't say it out loud or I'd hurt the van's feelings.

Besides naming the van. I'm just holding out for school to start. It is a double edged sword. The good side, since the kids are bickering and bored, I'd get some needed relief. The summer is hot, and seemingly endless, I'd like a little help, some structure, some outdoor playtime I don't have to attend, to wear out the little darlings. On the other hand, I've already started getting emails calling for volunteers at school. I'd have to wake up early, get the kids up, fed and on the way to school.

I'm solving the too busy dilemma by only volunteering for what I really LOVE doing. At the school, that is Teacher Treats, an art show my friend pulls together, and Girl Scouts. Joey's school, unfortunately gets zip, except for helping with a classroom party somewhere along the way. A little church work. But that's it.

I'm going to be working in the Fall, but I'm actually looking forward to that. And I'm waiting until at least January before accepting any office Architecture job. I've got some freelance work to do, and I'm going to start sewing again for two art shows.

Busy, but different than the busy of summer with the kids. Only ten days to go!


Julie said...

Rita is great. Much better than Sissy or Sassy.

Elizabeth Turner said...

From the Mom who suggested (Marga)Rita - if you're thinking whale, then maybe Namu or Orca?

Kathy said...

It is Rita for now.
So sayeth the driver.

stephen guy said...

sayeth would be a great name - or rita sayeth. kinda like that. . . rita sayeth unload the groceries. . . rita sayeth be ready at 4 if you want picked up . . . and so on. gives rita a voice and then all the directives don't have to come from kathy.

stephen guy said...

i know this is kinda late - but you might name the van vincent - as in vincent "van go"

Kathy said...

I like the idea of the van directing us. It would be possible it could tell me, "drive to your friend's house instead of to grocery store" or "hasn't it been a while since the last ladies night out?" I'd have to keep Rita Sayeth happy. Look what happened to the last car I pissed off.