Sunday, January 29, 2006

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Carriage number 2: Kathryn, Emma G. Elouise, and Kiki (I was on this one, but of course, am taking the photo! ) Posted by Picasa

Carriage number 1: Linda, Maddie, Ana, Caroline, and Emma H. Posted by Picasa

Moses and the knife that seemed too dangerously close to me during the spinning and chopping. Posted by Picasa

Emma's birthday party was tonight. We started with a trip to Benihana's. It was very fun, especially when the chef did anything involving lots of flames, which made the girls push their chairs back and squeal with delight. Our chef was named Moses, and seemed more Hispanic than Asian, but the girls loved when he drew pictures of hearts and flowers on the hot grill with the eggs that he mixed into the fried rice. After Benihana's we flew downtown as fast as we could for our appointment with the horse drawn carriage ride up Congress Ave. After that, we came home, opened gifts and played with glow necklaces in the front yard. It was a fun night, even for me and my co-chaperone, Linda. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 26, 2006

awwww, how cute.....

This week, as we walk to school, we've had to gingerly step over a little dead squirrel in the road. The fall must have killed him, because a car didn't, if you get my drift.

Today, he wasn't there. Emma said, "oh! the little squirrel is gone, that was the cutest dead thing I've ever seen."

Probably the first time that sentence has ever been uttered.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

happy happy joy joy

If you read all that I commanded you to yesterday, you deserve a little reward. A light and fluffy blog entry.

Max (read.... David) did indeed win the "Coolest Car" trophy at Saturday's Pine Car Derby. I'm not sure who came up with the concept for "Bowling Pin Car with Flames" but its execution was flawless. It helps if you have the skills of a 40 year old, which Max has apparantly aquired somewhere along the way. The little car is a polished, well painted, work of art. Not the fastest thing, but pretty speedy. Good work, David/Max !

Emma is indeed selling Girl Scout Cookies...(with the skills of a 40 year old). We worked a booth at Randall's on Saturday from 11-1. It helps that our troop meets at an elementary school less than a block from the store, because we knew a high percentage of the customers. Guilt is a wonderful sales tool. For anyone with a sweet tooth, the flavors we have this year are the old favorites: Thin Mint, Peanut Butter Patties AND Peanut Butter Sandwitch, Shortbread (aka Scott Teas when I was little), Caramel deLites, Reduced Fat Lemon Pastry Cremes, and, making a debut this year..... Reduced Fat Cartwheels (oatmeal) and Thanks-A-Lot (shortbread on front, chocolate on back). So far our biggest customer is once again, Randy across the street, with his traditional purchase of a case of Thin Mints! Go Randy!!!! I bet someone out there loves Emma enough to be her new favorite customer.....guilt, guilt.......

Today Joey's funny story is the game he invented with David. David was the zookeeper and Joey was Little Boy Zoo Keeper. Not a terrific story, but cute.

Our other big news, Emma is 9! I've been unemployed for nine years today!!!!

Our daughter who loves all things Japanese had a wonderful day today. At lunch, David, Joey and I took her some California Rolls and took cupcakes for her class. She seemed very happy at her table of girls.

After school she had her hip hop class with special friend, Elouise. Then Elouise came over for a playdate where they made their own paint out of sidewalk chalk and painted walking sticks and their faces. Weezie stayed for dinner (KFC big bucket) and zebra cake.

The presents were very good. We got Emma a new teddy bear so that she would give Bear-Bear back to Joey. For some reason she had recently decided she loved Joey's bear and we had to fix that. She got a box of assorted goodies from Momoko, her favorite Japanese gift shop, she got a note explaining why her bento box from Japan was delayed... eBay purchase. And then we let her know that our friend Masako, who just returned from a trip to Japan, had picked up an antique kimono for her, and it should be here any day.

Linda got Emma clothes and jewelry and Gramma and Grandad got her a new pair of earrings and a fancy Swiss Army knife.

She was very happy today, and that made me happy, and I once again am reminded that 9 years passes in the blink of an eye.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Please sit down and read tonight

I have lots of fun things to report lately, but no time to blog about it--- There was Max's (or was it David's?) award winning entry into the Bryker Woods Boy Scout Pine Car Derby, Emma's amazing first day of cookie sales, Joey.... well just doing something goofy, but I am putting the fun stuff on hold for a bit.

I have been too busy to read the news, or watch the news. Just too damn busy. I've had too many volunteer jobs hitting me at once. I've been trying to get projects done around the house with David. I've been engrossed in Life--in general. So tonight I sat down and read the newspapers that had piled up around me.

I had heard references to Al Gore's speech given on MLK day. But since I haven't even seen the evening news in a week, it sort of passed right by me. The speech was given in Constitution Hall. And it should be required reading for any registered American voter. I Googled and found it online tonight. The text of the speech is long, it took me a long time to get through by skimming, and I still didn't pick up on everything. And I know there are many people who will discount the speech because of its author. But it raises important issues that we (if we are "TruePatriots who Value Democracy") must address.

I feel like my education was somewhat better than adequate. In high school I read Orwell's 1984, I took Government with Marvelous Mr. Mitchell.

Today, I read the paper and enjoy the debate of the editorial pages. I do not have cable, and do not listen to Rush Limbaugh OR Air America. I do not know who is on CNN, or MSNBC, or even the Daily Show (I feel worst about that last one!) but it has probably been to my benefit not hearing all that retoric.

I force myself to read the editorialists I disagree with.

But anyone who doesn't notice and fear what is currently happening in our government is taking the easy way out. They are letting other people's sound bites and their own political parties, do their thinking for them. We currently have an executive branch that embraces secrecy. We have a Legislative branch without the will to ask questions. We have a judiciary that is compromised and weak.

We have been told that to stay safe we must submit and surrender our liberties. We are currently in a war against a concept... Terrorism. Terrorism can not sign a treaty to end the war, so any cost in freedoms our Commander in Chief claims are needed to fight the war are surrendered indefinitely.

Al Gore raises many points, and I urge you to read them. If the link doesn't work, here it is:


I promise to write about "The Pine Wood Derby's Coolest Car Trophy" and "The Eight Delicious Varieties of Cookies You Can Order TODAY! From a Brownie I Know", the next time I sit at the computer.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Max Meets a Legend

OK, this photo is out of sequence, but it deserves top billing. On our way out of DARRELL K ROYAL / MEMORIAL STADIUM, I made the spot of the night. I was the first fan to recognize Darrell Royal leaving the stadium from the luxury box section. I got Max one of the #1 posters they had given us that night and a Sharpie and told him to ask that man for an autograph. Max walked up and Coach Royal stopped and reached for the pen and paper. We were the only ones with him, his wife and their stadium escort. While he was signing, lots of people started stopping and one said "who is that?" I looked at her like she was crazy and said, "Coach Royal!", then a mob started forming.

It occurred to me that Max would probably appreciate a photograph of this great man when he was older, so I started digging out the camera. By then my brain had caught up with me and I was so nervous trying to delete some bad photos to make room for new ones now that my hands were shaking pretty badly. I shot about four photos, none of them were great, but we will frame this one with the autograph on the "#1" card.

All night I had thought about how great it would be to meet Vince Young and get his signature, but really, everyone, even Vince, would agree this was better.

My only regret after the fact was that I hadn't asked him to sign my vintage '63 sweatshirt I was wearing. But hey, pretty cool, nonetheless.

Crisis at the Gate

Tonight Max and I had a wonderful date, UT was hosting a celebration for the Longhorns. It was held at the stadium, free to the public. They said the first 65,000 would be allowed into the stadium, and the overflow crowds would see jumbotron screens at a couple of places around campus. After a lot of deliberation, Max and I mustered the bravery to try to attend, which meant we had to show up at the stadium at 3 so we'd be in line when the gates opened at 5:00 for the 6:30 event. Max isn't THAT patient, so I packed as though I'd be entertaining us for two or three hours in line.

We had just lived through a very funny story (not so funny at the time it happened) when this photo was taken. Since we never go to home games, I didn't know that the rule was, "NO BACKPACKS" and of course I had packed a backpack with all sorts of snacks, drinks and time killing devices for the 3 plus hours we would sit before being let into the stadium for today's event. I also had an ample amount of feminine supplies, well, just because.

Anyway at the gate they told me "No Backpack", and I asked if I could just take my chances, empty out the valuables, hide the backpack, and hopefully retrieve it later at the gate. The guard said it was our risk and "whatever". So Max and I started emptying out and loading up.

Digital camera, binoculars, wallet, cell phone, Nintendo game thing, two sketch books, some of today's paper, cookies, crackers, water bottle and Sprite can, sharpies, tampons, sanitary napkins, were all being stuffed into the pockets of my cargo pants, and into our arms. Eventually we got the bag mostly emptied, and I sort of grieved for the almost new backpack that we would surely lose during the event. But by then the guard who was looming over me had moved on to another crisis. So I rolled up the now empty backpack stuck it under my arm and told Max to "move it!"

Max got worried, "but Mom, they said no backpacks...."

I replied, "just walk quickly".

So we got into the stadium, and it was blissfully easy to find an excellent seat, and I was walking pretty quick and I'd hear behind me, "Mom, it's spilling". I turn around and see things -- mostly tampons -- spilling out of the boy's arm and onto the bleachers. I would stop and stuff them into my overflowing pockets, and then a few steps later, "Mom!...." finally when we found our seats, I unrolled the backpack and loaded it back up. Then it was just a great time! Posted by Picasa

Yep, I took a photo of Vince Young. He's that tiny blob at the podium. Posted by Picasa

No flash on this one, just a light that recorded itself in green, Merry Christmas Longhorn fans! Posted by Picasa

Max at the Littlefield fountain Posted by Picasa

Littlefield fountain with tower Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 09, 2006

On the way home from preschool

Joey is in the back seat.
I don't remember the early part of this conversation but at some point I said:

K: That's 'cause your cool.
J: I'm not cool, God just made me cute
K: Yeah, you're cute.
J: Reece calls me charming.
K: Oh, is Reece in love with you.
J: No.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

No tripod, but the photo isn't too blurry. Emma and I swung by the campus tonight, there are hundreds of people there tonight still celebrating the big game. The latest word is that the big party will be later this month when the students come back to class. Emma is wearing the sweatshirt that I've been moving from house to house, city to city during the last 25 years I've owned it. It is a circa 1963 sweatshirt from when Mom attended UT. It's true, if you hold on to clothes long enough, everything comes back in fashion! Posted by Picasa

For Cousin Austin, here is your little paper man. Tell your Ohio State Friends that the Tower behind Emma is Orange with a big 'ol Number one on it, because we are the best! Posted by Picasa

Heisman Worthy!

Everyone in Texas thought they gave the Heisman to the wrong guy.

Apparantly, Reggie Bush can be shut down. Apparantly, Vince Young can not.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Oh My God! Vince Young is UNBELIEVABLE! Hook 'Em Horns! David and I were almost crying for the last few plays, what a game and what a team!  Posted by Picasa