Sunday, November 27, 2005

Emma and Gramma Posted by Picasa

Joey and Grandad Posted by Picasa

Gramma and Grandad with Emma, Max and Joey hiding behind Grandad. Posted by Picasa

Yikes! A shark is eating us! Posted by Picasa

All the kids on sculpture. Posted by Picasa

Max on the beach. Posted by Picasa

Joey wacko. Posted by Picasa

Joey normal. Posted by Picasa

Emma on one of the many concrete sculptures that dot the island. Posted by Picasa

We had a fun weekend trip to Port Aransas with Gramma and Grandad. Emma and David on the beach. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 18, 2005

Joey plus Kathy

Yesterday, David was watching the boys while I had my Brownie meeting at school. He took them to the playground, where lots of kids get to burn off steam before heading home. Max and Joey wanted to swing, and soon, one of Max's classmates, Uma was on the swing next to Joey.

Uma was swinging next to Joey and David heard her say, "Oh no, now we're married!". Apparantly at Bryker Woods Elementary, when your swing is in unison with the one next to you, you are married. Joey got upset and said, "I'm already married to MOM!"

On another note, I'm all packed up for the big 27 hour camp out with my Brownie troop. We meet at 9:00 tomorrow at a cool stone cabin hidden away in Zilker Park. It was built during the WPA era, and it is very cool. Anyway, I've been pretty low stress about the whole thing, because of having lots of other things on my plate this week. But now I'm pretty sure I'll forget something crucial, like matches, important food items, something! I have sucessfully remembered about 100 items but I just know, within hours I'll be saying, "DOH!"

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

chilly weather

It finally got cold(er). A front blew in today, shaking off the unseasonably warm weather we've been living with. I was torn between wishing for cool weather vs. enduring the runny noses and sinus problems my family seems prone to getting when the weather changes. So far we are cooler and not snottier.

So many things going on right now. Every free minute of mine is being spent getting ready for an Art Show and Sale on December 10. It is my first time to try to sell stuff at a show, and my projects are tooth fairy pillows, funky big people pillows and assorted greeting cards. Maybe a quilt if I can swing it.... so far, so good.

This weekend is the Brownie Camp Out. We will be cooking our own food over our little coffee can stoves that we made last week. The girls will learn pocket knife safety, and sleep away without too many of the Mommies along. It is at a Girl Scout cabin in Zilker Park, 5 minutes from most of our houses, so we have a large safety net.

The kids are signed up for Children's Book Week. They have given up TV for the week. I am thinking it is harder for me to give it up than them. I have come to rely on having at least one adult voice in the house that isn't mine. Oprah works well. Then there is the bickering factor. When the kids are bored, they bicker more. When the kids aren't watching TV, initially, they are bored. After a while, and a few fights, they find something to do together. So maybe it isn't too bad.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

politics is local

Just a thought on yesterday's election. Proposition 2 passed, making Texas a state that passes a constitutional amendment that TAKES AWAY rights for a minority. I'm waiting to see if my home county (Travis) bucked the trend and voted against the amendment. The amendment was mean spirited and doesn't even do anything, since the fundamentalists already made gay marriage illegal last year.

The interesting twist is that the state can no longer recognize anything resembling or identical to marriage..... like..... marriage!!!!!

One of my good friends in Washington wrote me an email today:

"congrats on being a single gal again -  and no messy divorce!"
Yee Haw!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Joey's eye view

For a different view of the world (one from 36 inches above ground) please check out Joey's first roll of developed film. We bought each of the kids a disposable camera during our trip to Seattle. Joey finished the roll last week when Adam came over for a visit.

It is interesting to see what caught Joey's attention and what was "photo worthy."

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

candy girl?

OK, it is confession time. All you parents (but I'm thinking of moms) out there who have had the kids' Halloween candy sitting around the house for 2 full days now. While the kids are at school, did you snitch?

Personally, I used to have no qualms about taking my "mom tax" in Almond Joys or Heath Bars or Bit 'O Honey. But David has really made me feel guilty! For some reason he feels the kids' candy is sacred and that even the thought of taking it is really sick. Now I feel guilty about eating it!

Before, I reasoned that eating two pounds of candy was not good for anyone, much less my small children. And, by eating some (very few) bits, I was actually sparing their teeth and health the bad influence of Mr. Mars and Hershey at the expense of my own. And actually, their favorites are generally not what I'm after. Smarties are fine, but even Joey told us on Halloween he didn't want chocolate candy. No chocolate!? I DO respect the chocolate and I will eat it so it won't get it's feelings hurt.

Anyway, I suspect that I'm not the only mom out there taking candy from babies. It's only because we love our kids (and the candy's feelings) so much. So the kids miss out on a few pieces, did you see how much they got? Emma had over 80, so did Max-- look at the pictures. These days the people at each house let kids take a handful. It is decadent. And it is sending my kids the wrong message, a message I must counteract before they take plentiful candy as the norm.

I'm proud to eat my kids' candy and I'm grateful that they don't know how to get to this website to read all about it.