Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Outsider Art - Exhibit A

Although the artist left this piece untitled, I like to think of it as, "Ples Pass the Catsup." The composition is dominated by a huge chandelier and a candelabra, which symbolize two sources of light for the feast of the century. The catsup, emblematic of yearning and nourishment, has dwarfed the humans in the work, giving us a sense of the futility of eating when we will only "want more catsup" at the next meal. Thankfully, as the superimposed text intones, it's all good.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jeremiah Wright and Bill Moyers

I just watched the Bill Moyers interview with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It was full and complete and thoughtful. It was exactly NOT what sound bites and our media have suggested about Obama's pastor.

I would vote for Barack Obama, Bill Moyers OR Jeremiah Wright to be our president. They are three thoughtful, intelligent Americans. And what is done during our political campaigns, the business of politics as usual, is so anti-American and anti-Democracy that it is shameful.

Watch the video of the interview for yourself (or read the full transcript) before you vote in November....

Monday, April 21, 2008

River Girl

I had a big epiphany while laying on my back in the middle of this river Saturday.

I am a river girl. My mom and sister in law are really beach girls, and don't get me wrong, I love the beach.... but in my heart, I'm happiest in a Texas Hill Country River.

I was laying next to a little waterfall on a rock in the middle of the Blanco on Saturday afternoon. I felt the warm sun, the cold water, saw the blue sky with big hawks circling overhead. Heard the rushing water and birds and frogs. Felt the breeze blow by. It was absolutely perfect. The water was crystal clear. And there was no buring sun, or sand in my swimsuit.

I had so much fun that I've decided to act on a plan I formed a couple of years ago. Here is my flyer, it goes out this week:

Butts Up!

Please join your buddies for the “First Annual Moms Only Before the Kids are Out of School For the Whole Summer River Trip”

When? Friday May 16 (if raining, we’ll go May 30)

Time? We drop off the kids at school at 7:45 and start driving to the River at 7:46. We’ll head back in time to pick up our little ones by 2:45.

Where do we meet? Near the BW parking lot

Bring? $15 for tube rental + $20 for tube deposit + a bit extra just in case, cooler (Styrofoam not allowed!), beverages, food to share potluck style for lunch, camp chair, hat, sunscreen, towel, river shoes, and your funky self!

Who can come? Fun moms, the more the merrier! Forward this.

What if I have to work? Call in sick!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Little Max's Ghost

Because there may be ONE person who doesn't read my sister's weblog who reads mine... this is a long lost photo of Max. What is remarkable is the little person on the TV behind him. It is the future brother trying to call to Max.....

"M....mmmm...... Max-eeeeee....... I'm going to torment you in the future......."

shark mouth

Max is growing an extra tooth from the roof of his mouth. Yes, it is exactly as weird as it sounds. Yes, it is proof that one of my children is my genetic offspring since my mom and my brother each produced extra teeth (however, not from the roofs of their mouths)

We went to the dentist and he informed us that the tooth will of course have to come out, but that there was no rush and we could do it this summer.

Coincidentally, the oral surgeon who was the father of Emma's best preschool friend called asking about Architectural services for two projects he has in mind. I mentioned Max's situation and he offered a free consultation and xrays. Too bad I can't stamp the drawings and do the project myself or I could barter dental care for drafting.

Anyway, the dentist yesterday asked to take a photo. It really is that weird. If he gets a digital shot (using a special mouth mirror) at Max's cleaning next month, I'll post it. One of the teachers at school called it Max's Lucky Tooth, so he feels pretty OK about it.