Tuesday, April 15, 2008

shark mouth

Max is growing an extra tooth from the roof of his mouth. Yes, it is exactly as weird as it sounds. Yes, it is proof that one of my children is my genetic offspring since my mom and my brother each produced extra teeth (however, not from the roofs of their mouths)

We went to the dentist and he informed us that the tooth will of course have to come out, but that there was no rush and we could do it this summer.

Coincidentally, the oral surgeon who was the father of Emma's best preschool friend called asking about Architectural services for two projects he has in mind. I mentioned Max's situation and he offered a free consultation and xrays. Too bad I can't stamp the drawings and do the project myself or I could barter dental care for drafting.

Anyway, the dentist yesterday asked to take a photo. It really is that weird. If he gets a digital shot (using a special mouth mirror) at Max's cleaning next month, I'll post it. One of the teachers at school called it Max's Lucky Tooth, so he feels pretty OK about it.

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