Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things I should have posted....#1.

OK, so going back in time, before the election, before Halloween, before the heartbreaking UT loss to Tech in the final second of the game from hell.... there was a simpler time. A time when a mother could take her baby boy to a football game. A time when the mama could buy two tickets from Craig's List for a song, and a time when the next door neighbor loaned her phone, with camera!, because I forgot to grab mine on the way out of the house. Enjoy the documentation of a fun game.

My favorite memories were walking into the same gate at the same time as the Longhorn Band (Show Band of the Southwest!)

Joey getting to see the opening video and the band and players take the field thanks to a very lovely lady in the fantastic season ticket seats who picked him up and let him stand on her chair.

Finding out our seats were on the top row of the upper deck and Joey having to go to the bathroom once each quarter, down all the stairs, then back up. On our fourth trip back up, a lady on the aisle about 20 rows below us said, "I thought you left a while ago, oh my, you are a good mom!"

Getting Joey an overpriced hook 'em foam hand because he loved it.

Watching the team win. Enjoying the band and alumni band on the field at the same time.

But, most memorable was the black cricket plague. As night settled in, sitting under the huge flood lights, we became a landing pad for hundreds of the biggest blackest crickets. They crawled on our bodies, they got in Joey's cap. He thought they were cockroaches and screamed every time they got within sight. So, that was the only downside, and his fear of cockroaches/crickets persisted for several weeks.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Still thrilled

I am so excited about the future of our country.