Monday, October 31, 2005

My costume up close! Posted by Picasa

My costume, empty on the floor Posted by Picasa

my orb Posted by Picasa

My costume in the dark! Posted by Picasa

My costume in light Posted by Picasa

Posing Joey. Posted by Picasa

Max's carefully sorted haul Posted by Picasa

counting loot Posted by Picasa

Saturday we had the Bryker Woods carnival, a great party by our friends, the Polters, where Emma first became, Geisha Girl! This picture was taken tonight, Halloween. Posted by Picasa

On Saturday, we went to David's company party. They do a great job with parties. We were at a Party Ranch and they had face painting, bar-b-que, kegs, cakes, a train to ride, putt-putt, a bouncy house and raffle prizes. Fun, fun, fun. Posted by Picasa

Later on Friday, Emma and her dance class (including Miss Elouise) did their hip hop dance at the Casis Elementary carnival. Posted by Picasa

Our Halloween Fun Fest started last Friday with a visit from Gramma and Grandad. Grandad had one task as far as Max was concerned, carving Max's Halloween pumpkin. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Max and I just got home from a little pre-Halloween scare trip.

We were out Ghosting our neighbors. In our neighborhood, Ghosting, is sort of like a chain letter. You wake up one morning and find a posterboard sign on your front door. It says something like, "You've been GHOSTED!" names the family who got you, and tells you to have a fun Halloween. There is generally a bag of treats or goodies, and a xeroxed note explaining the program.

From October first through Halloween, if you get ghosted, you are to visit two of your friends and ghost them. Of course, as the big night gets closer, your friends have likely been ghosted already.

We picked one special friend for each kid: Joey's favorite girlfriend, Max's new buddy, and a school friend of Emma's. The last house was Emma's friend, and they have windows right by their front door, and someone was watching TV. I told Max (riding shotgun as my assistant) that I was too nervous to handle that house, and we should go to a backup house.

"Mom, give me the stuff", and just like a little commando, he crouched down and ran up to the front porch, scooted the stuff across the floor, and ran to the car.

He will be excellent when he gets old enough to toilet paper the neighbor's trees.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Still happy

I'm really enjoying this week of no committments. No evening meetings, except for Tap on Thursday. No daytime meetings. I am so happy.

I'm trying to get the house back to some level of normal. Partly because Joey wants his "girlfriend" Christiane to come over for a playdate (and her mom will be getting a first impression of Casa Genet). And partially, because the house was, well, yucky.

I'm doing a cleaning system I heard about years ago. You pick one room each day, and anytime you have free time, you work on getting that room perfect. Yesterday was the kitchen. I did floors, inside the refrigerator (yes, I know!), cabinet fronts, dishes, stove top. Everything. It looks so good now. Today I'm focusing on our "dining room" which is where I pile every piece of paper, broken toy and homeless item in the house. It is also home to a quarter inch layer of dust and two of the dirtiest windowsills in Austin.

Since our house is so small, eight rooms, I should just about make the house clean by Halloween.

Then next week, I'll have maintenence on the rooms. I'll let you know how this works. Since the outside chores and laundry aren't included, I'm thinking we will still look pretty shabby, but at least the botulism spores are less of a threat.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

OK, so what's new with me.

First and foremost, I've finished the silent auction at Joey's school. I feel like I've just given birth. This year was my fourth year to work on it, and we were more organized, and raised more money than ever before. Really, the accomplishment for raising money is more based on how nice the donations are and how deep the pockets of the attendees, both of which are out of our hands. But we kept the paperwork straight and I'm proud of our work. AND this means I can cross Joey's school off my to-do list. I'm done there for the year, YIPPEE!!!!!

After December, my hosting of teacher lunches is complete at Emma and Max's school, then I'm done volunteering there, YIPPEEEE!!!!!

My master plan of killing myself with work in the fall and easy street in the spring seems to be working. Of course, my family has forgotten what a home cooked meal tastes like and the bathrooms are just unhealthy, but what the hell.

My other news is that I broke my toe. It is purple and swollen and looks "gwoss" as Joey says. I was doing the deferred cleaning yesterday and ran into a chair that I'd moved around the room to vacuum. Ouch. Just shows you that perhaps cleaning is NOT good for you. I had always suspected that.....

No other odds and ends, the kids are happy, healthy, and waiting for Halloween and lots of other fun parties coming this weekend. And my week is utterly free!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How cool is this?...

Today I went to pick up the kids after school. I always take my time getting to Emma's class. Her teacher keeps the kids in late every day. She checks them to make sure they didn't forget any homework books/binders/folders. They file past her standing at the door and she quizzes each one about the work they needed to finish at home. Then she gives each one a big hug.

I love, love, love Mrs. Howell.

She has told me in a few conversations enough for me to know she really understands Emma. Understands her moods and frustrations and understands her talents and gifts.

Did I mention I love, love, love her?

Anyway, today, I took a little longer than normal to get to Emma's class. As I walked up, Mrs. Howell told me she had some extra homework for Emma. "OK", I said. "I hope it's really hard!"

Then, Mrs. Howell started hugging Emma and she said, "Emma needs five minutes of hugs tonight. " Then she told me that today, she walked up to Emma and hugged her and Emma felt very tense. So she just kept hugging her until Emma relaxed. And tonight Emma would need extra hugs to help her feel good.

Emma has reminded me about her extra homework several times. We just finished dinner, I skipped a meeting that I wasn't able to attend anyway (David is still at work!!) And, I'd better finish here, because it's homework time.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Max's good friend Uma came with us to the pumpkin patch. She was so excited to pick one out. We also got tacos and slurpees on the way. It was a great afternoon. Posted by Picasa

Emma found her prize. Posted by Picasa

Joey, Max and Emma picking out the perfect pumpkings (that takes about 45 minutes) Posted by Picasa

Today I did a lot of work in the preschool office. While I was there, they told me a funny story about Joey. Last year, on picture day, he was the stubborn boy who wouldn't get his photo taken. We had to wait until retake day and for some reason it was OK and we got a picture. That wasn't the problem this year. The office assistant pulled out this year's proofs for me to look at. In each picture Joey was hamming it up. His hand on his cheek propping up his head which was cocked to the side. In another, he is coquettishly looking shy and has his arms sort of clasped in front of himself. Out of the 7 or so shots, they are all very affected. UGH! I think they told me they tried to get a normal shot but Joey was "ON" that day. This was his picture at the pumpkin patch today. Same problem. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 13, 2005


sometimes I find myself telling another adult,
"I need to go tinkle on the potty"

sorry no postings, I've been sick and busy.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


After ten days of sickness in our house, allergies, fever, Max, Mom, Emma......we aren't well yet, but we are happier because FALL is here! It blew in this morning, and it feels heavenly outside.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

boys stink

This happens every Sunday. At our church the kids go to Sunday School while the parents attend Adult Sunday School. After Sunday School when the regular service starts, the kids go to Children's Chapel until about half way through the adult service, then they join us for Communion and such.

At Children's Chapel, they process (I can't figure out how to spell that...) into a chapel, light some candles, say a few prayers, and then they adjourn to the playground. By the time the kids join us in church, they look a little red in the face from playing so hard. But the fun isn't until they sit (the boys, I'm talking about ) Max and Joey sit right next to me and want "lovin'" which means hugs. Then I get my first whiff. Wet puppy. And by the time that hits my brain, they are wiping their forhead sweat on my bare arms, and I can feel the side of my shirt getting wet. UUUUGGGGHHH.

Pretty soon, David and I are making eye contact above their heads, they are actually stinky enough we feel that the people around us might notice!

Fortunately, no one has said a word. I'm usually able to convince Max to leave a two inch buffer zone between his body and mine. And I'm still hoping Summer will be over someday. Until then, look for me in the back right pews of St. Marks, with the families around us giving us lots of room.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Joey had his 4th birthday party at Deep Eddy pool yesterday. It was really fun. His special friends from the first four years all showed up. His 3 year old "special girl" from school, his best buddy boys, his "Isa" babysitter, his baby "Addie", and all us family people.  Posted by Picasa