Friday, October 14, 2005

Today I did a lot of work in the preschool office. While I was there, they told me a funny story about Joey. Last year, on picture day, he was the stubborn boy who wouldn't get his photo taken. We had to wait until retake day and for some reason it was OK and we got a picture. That wasn't the problem this year. The office assistant pulled out this year's proofs for me to look at. In each picture Joey was hamming it up. His hand on his cheek propping up his head which was cocked to the side. In another, he is coquettishly looking shy and has his arms sort of clasped in front of himself. Out of the 7 or so shots, they are all very affected. UGH! I think they told me they tried to get a normal shot but Joey was "ON" that day. This was his picture at the pumpkin patch today. Same problem. Posted by Picasa

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