Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How cool is this?...

Today I went to pick up the kids after school. I always take my time getting to Emma's class. Her teacher keeps the kids in late every day. She checks them to make sure they didn't forget any homework books/binders/folders. They file past her standing at the door and she quizzes each one about the work they needed to finish at home. Then she gives each one a big hug.

I love, love, love Mrs. Howell.

She has told me in a few conversations enough for me to know she really understands Emma. Understands her moods and frustrations and understands her talents and gifts.

Did I mention I love, love, love her?

Anyway, today, I took a little longer than normal to get to Emma's class. As I walked up, Mrs. Howell told me she had some extra homework for Emma. "OK", I said. "I hope it's really hard!"

Then, Mrs. Howell started hugging Emma and she said, "Emma needs five minutes of hugs tonight. " Then she told me that today, she walked up to Emma and hugged her and Emma felt very tense. So she just kept hugging her until Emma relaxed. And tonight Emma would need extra hugs to help her feel good.

Emma has reminded me about her extra homework several times. We just finished dinner, I skipped a meeting that I wasn't able to attend anyway (David is still at work!!) And, I'd better finish here, because it's homework time.

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