Sunday, October 23, 2005

OK, so what's new with me.

First and foremost, I've finished the silent auction at Joey's school. I feel like I've just given birth. This year was my fourth year to work on it, and we were more organized, and raised more money than ever before. Really, the accomplishment for raising money is more based on how nice the donations are and how deep the pockets of the attendees, both of which are out of our hands. But we kept the paperwork straight and I'm proud of our work. AND this means I can cross Joey's school off my to-do list. I'm done there for the year, YIPPEE!!!!!

After December, my hosting of teacher lunches is complete at Emma and Max's school, then I'm done volunteering there, YIPPEEEE!!!!!

My master plan of killing myself with work in the fall and easy street in the spring seems to be working. Of course, my family has forgotten what a home cooked meal tastes like and the bathrooms are just unhealthy, but what the hell.

My other news is that I broke my toe. It is purple and swollen and looks "gwoss" as Joey says. I was doing the deferred cleaning yesterday and ran into a chair that I'd moved around the room to vacuum. Ouch. Just shows you that perhaps cleaning is NOT good for you. I had always suspected that.....

No other odds and ends, the kids are happy, healthy, and waiting for Halloween and lots of other fun parties coming this weekend. And my week is utterly free!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!


Julie said... you think that people will notice in the spring that you aren't busy with volunteer projects and try to get you sucked in again??? JUST SAY NO!

Kathy said...

Maybe I'll get a t-shirt or button that says, "don't even think about asking me". Because, really, if they ask, my weakness is that I can't say no. But I'm trying to learn to.

I'd like to some day experience free time to do some quilting to see if I could turn the mountain of fabric I own into something I could sell. Must have free time to make that idea work.

And then there's this guy who lives at my house who thinks it would be cool if I worked for PAY if I'm so fired up to work. I sort of wonder that too. For eight plus years I've been punching the volunteer clock, but we need new space added onto our house, and a new car, and braces for a couple of the kids. So far the PTA, et al. don't pay me a living wage.