Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Still happy

I'm really enjoying this week of no committments. No evening meetings, except for Tap on Thursday. No daytime meetings. I am so happy.

I'm trying to get the house back to some level of normal. Partly because Joey wants his "girlfriend" Christiane to come over for a playdate (and her mom will be getting a first impression of Casa Genet). And partially, because the house was, well, yucky.

I'm doing a cleaning system I heard about years ago. You pick one room each day, and anytime you have free time, you work on getting that room perfect. Yesterday was the kitchen. I did floors, inside the refrigerator (yes, I know!), cabinet fronts, dishes, stove top. Everything. It looks so good now. Today I'm focusing on our "dining room" which is where I pile every piece of paper, broken toy and homeless item in the house. It is also home to a quarter inch layer of dust and two of the dirtiest windowsills in Austin.

Since our house is so small, eight rooms, I should just about make the house clean by Halloween.

Then next week, I'll have maintenence on the rooms. I'll let you know how this works. Since the outside chores and laundry aren't included, I'm thinking we will still look pretty shabby, but at least the botulism spores are less of a threat.

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