Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Max and I just got home from a little pre-Halloween scare trip.

We were out Ghosting our neighbors. In our neighborhood, Ghosting, is sort of like a chain letter. You wake up one morning and find a posterboard sign on your front door. It says something like, "You've been GHOSTED!" names the family who got you, and tells you to have a fun Halloween. There is generally a bag of treats or goodies, and a xeroxed note explaining the program.

From October first through Halloween, if you get ghosted, you are to visit two of your friends and ghost them. Of course, as the big night gets closer, your friends have likely been ghosted already.

We picked one special friend for each kid: Joey's favorite girlfriend, Max's new buddy, and a school friend of Emma's. The last house was Emma's friend, and they have windows right by their front door, and someone was watching TV. I told Max (riding shotgun as my assistant) that I was too nervous to handle that house, and we should go to a backup house.

"Mom, give me the stuff", and just like a little commando, he crouched down and ran up to the front porch, scooted the stuff across the floor, and ran to the car.

He will be excellent when he gets old enough to toilet paper the neighbor's trees.

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elisa said...

My kids LOVE doing this, only it's a phantom that "strikes". Everything else is the same though. This year I didn't get the sign up in the window (we went to my parents house) and we got struck twice. The boys were loving that but I only let them strike 2 people instead of 4. Didn't have enough candy. And like you, hard to find people that haven't been struck already. Still, it's one of their favorite things about Halloween.