Thursday, August 28, 2008

First week of school

Back to school photos of everyone but our Middle Schooler, Emma. I'll snap one of her when she isn't looking!

Joey's favorite girl and favorite boy both made it into his class for the new year.
They sum their feelings up perfectly:
Sweet, Crazy and Sad

Joey with his first barber shop haircut and his new first grade teacher, Mrs. Wallace.

Max and his fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Cross

And in honor of BarackObama accepting the nomination for president, this photo from last spring when we worked making a sign at Obama's Austin headquarters. A staffer took this photo. We hung the sign proudly in our yard during Texas Primary season

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Summer Birthday Swim

I'd better not hear anyone say "cookie cake" until I'm done serving....

It is our annual Missy Kay birthday blast... and this year Mary's mom (another birthday girl) hosted us at her wonderful house. My kids consider Maddie and Hannah quite lucky to have such a nice pool and outdoor wonderland at their disposal.

We had wonderful food and of course, we are all so funny and clever, the conversation was very amusing and enlightening. It truly was a fun night out.

The only business we did not take care of was a traditional photo of all the kids. We will have to fix that the next time we are all gathered together.

For some reason I missed getting photos of Garrett and Emma and our hostess Judy. But next year, I won't miss them!

I found this old, old photo of the kids as little stinkers... Joey was missing for some reason.