Friday, May 26, 2006

After school let out (2:45) and after riding his red trike home on our new sidewalk (3:15) and after his brother's first grade swim party (5:00) the prince of summer needed a nap. Posted by Picasa

Max and Mrs. Sharpe on his last day as a first grader. Angela is so wonderful, and we can't wait to have her again for Joey's first grade year. We LOVE her! Posted by Picasa

Emma's last day of third grade with the most emotionally supportive woman I have ever met. Mrs. Howell is so good for my girl's heart. I love her! Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 22, 2006

Fun Day

I'm about to start a new little job. I will do some contract work, from home, on my computer. Boring but lucrative.. Anyway, I thought it would start today, but it didn't so I had a free day with Joey.

We met our mutual Godmother for lunch. Went to the big new Whole Foods and ate all kinds of neat stuff. Then Susan and I decided to show Joey the Chocolate Fountain. We picked out the three most lovely chocolate covered strawberries, yum!

Then as soon as we got home, Joey and I had a date to meet my friend at her new house with its new POOL. First dip of the summer. It was wonderful.

Picked up the kids from school and felt so happy I took them for gelato.

Have dinner (I've finally thought ahead for a change and it has been marinating the last 20 hours) ready for the grill.

House is getting cleaner including cleaning out the junk drawer and other hidden horrors.

I'm done with several of the stressers which usually lurk in the back of my mind. The last Girl Scout meeting of the year was last Thursday. My dance recital was Saturday. No more homework for the kids. Only two more lunches to pack for Emma for the year. Picnics on Wednesday (Max's class) and Thursday (Emma's class).

Just coasting now..........yippee!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Battles of Kerbey Lane

New Superhero name for Joey: Bubble Boy

He can create a bubble sheild OR throw a bubble around his enemy.

New Superhero name for Mommy: Super Sweet

When little boys have their bubble shield down, I pour syrup over them rendering them trapped. Or, I might have to shoot sticky hard candies at them with my candy gun, until they are completely incompacitated. Sometimes I put 100 pieces of gum on the sidewalk home from school until the feet of Bubble Boy are hopelessly stuck to the ground.

But somehow, Bubble Boy always informs me that his shield was up in the nick of time....hmmmm.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Chinese Wolf and Super Hippo Posted by Picasa

Joey and one of his two best school friends, Hugh. They are being Super heros. This day they were Chinese Wolf and Super Hippo. There is a third superhero not shown, William, also known as Super Frog. Posted by Picasa

My Girl Scout Troop Rocks! We picked up all this trash at our last meeting. The picking up trash meeting is my favorite (no planning) and for some reason the girls LOVE IT.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Date Night Movie

We saw Thank You for Smoking last night. It was so funny!

Watch the trailer here....

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I am

As of the last 48 hours:

I am 41 years old
Been Married 11 years
Feeling Good

Thanks for asking

Friday, May 05, 2006

1 block away....ouch! Posted by Picasa

four houses away Posted by Picasa

two blocks away Posted by Picasa

Tree Limb City

Major wind storm here last night. It was really rocking at about 10:30pm. David described what happened when he went out to cover his car, a big wind roared in and all the tree limbs around him seemed to be lunging out for him. Then he demonstrated his crazy run for the back door. I have never known David to admit to such startled anxiety!

Anyway, when the wind was at it's peak, I seriously thought it might be a tornado. It really sounded like a train outside. I asked David if we needed to move to the hall, but since the weatheman kept noting the winds weren't rotational, but straight line, there weren't any tornados expected in Austin proper. The weather guy did note that the straight line winds were between 70 and 80 mph, and that they could do as much damage as a weak twister.

Luckily, our house was spared any significant tree damage.

Today, I rode around the neighborhood. My impression is that every third house has a limb down the diameter of my arm. Every half block has a limb down the diameter of my waist, and every block and a half has a half of a major tree down. There are trees that are just blown over. Of course twigs, sticks, leaves and ball moss is everywhere, in the yards, on the streets. I'll try to get some pictures today.

Oh yeah, within a block of our house there are two houses with limbs/tarps on the roof and one crushed pickup truck at a third house. Our neighbors three houses down had a half of a 24" diameter tree crash down, so Kerbey Lane is closed because the tree crosses the street.

I was supposed to go work 8-11 today, but got a call there was no power at the office, so I got today off! And it's my birthday!

We are due for another round of wind/storms tonight.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Pigs on Parade Show

Pigs on Parade is the end of the year info-tainment that Ms. Sharpe puts on. Emma did a similar skit in this class. It has pig songs, pig facts, and a pig poem, and nice pig artwork around the classroom. Posted by Picasa

I figured when all Max's friends graduate from high school in another 11 years, I can submit this to the yearbook, or something. Posted by Picasa

Max and his friend ("but not my girl-friend, Mom") Uma. Posted by Picasa

Max in his favorite outfit (overalls) Posted by Picasa