Friday, May 05, 2006

Tree Limb City

Major wind storm here last night. It was really rocking at about 10:30pm. David described what happened when he went out to cover his car, a big wind roared in and all the tree limbs around him seemed to be lunging out for him. Then he demonstrated his crazy run for the back door. I have never known David to admit to such startled anxiety!

Anyway, when the wind was at it's peak, I seriously thought it might be a tornado. It really sounded like a train outside. I asked David if we needed to move to the hall, but since the weatheman kept noting the winds weren't rotational, but straight line, there weren't any tornados expected in Austin proper. The weather guy did note that the straight line winds were between 70 and 80 mph, and that they could do as much damage as a weak twister.

Luckily, our house was spared any significant tree damage.

Today, I rode around the neighborhood. My impression is that every third house has a limb down the diameter of my arm. Every half block has a limb down the diameter of my waist, and every block and a half has a half of a major tree down. There are trees that are just blown over. Of course twigs, sticks, leaves and ball moss is everywhere, in the yards, on the streets. I'll try to get some pictures today.

Oh yeah, within a block of our house there are two houses with limbs/tarps on the roof and one crushed pickup truck at a third house. Our neighbors three houses down had a half of a 24" diameter tree crash down, so Kerbey Lane is closed because the tree crosses the street.

I was supposed to go work 8-11 today, but got a call there was no power at the office, so I got today off! And it's my birthday!

We are due for another round of wind/storms tonight.

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