Saturday, May 06, 2006

I am

As of the last 48 hours:

I am 41 years old
Been Married 11 years
Feeling Good

Thanks for asking


stephen guy said...

and . . .
you have one of the richest lives of anyone I know. there is a movie out right now called friends with money. (it looks good and I want to see it) but my mind's inventory of my wealthy friends had your name at the top. in terms of your investment and return from your immediate family and extended family, quality friendships both near and far, your grounded sense of place and home, the ever present creative spark in each day, and the good humor to laugh out loud when it's good and laugh it off when it's not. you're living large kathy g! you're living fully and deeply, but you don't take it too seriously. yep. you are my rich friend. that's who you are,

Kathy said...

Joey and I were just thinking about you and Eastlight (and Butch, of course) not five minutes ago!

We were in the car, and Joey asked if I wished we had a magic car. I said, "what can a magic car do?"

Joey: "It can go anywhere you want it to go, when you get in it"

I said: "Where would you want it to go? Gramma and Grandad's?"

Joey: "yes!"

Kathy: "Grace and Alex's house?"

Joey: "yes!" (he loves his cousins!)

Kathy: "Austin and Blake and Cole's house?" (the other cousins)

Joey: "yes, because we've never been there"

Kathy: "I'd want to go to Butch and Steve's house."

Joey couldn't remember your house, so I reminded him; you go on a ferry, it has lots of cots and couches to sleep on, and lots of woods to walk in, and lots of red flowers on a deck, and you can see the ocean, and a pond....

He thought for a minute and said, "I really, really want to go to Target! and Blockbuster!"

Oh well, I have you at number one on my list.