Monday, May 22, 2006

Fun Day

I'm about to start a new little job. I will do some contract work, from home, on my computer. Boring but lucrative.. Anyway, I thought it would start today, but it didn't so I had a free day with Joey.

We met our mutual Godmother for lunch. Went to the big new Whole Foods and ate all kinds of neat stuff. Then Susan and I decided to show Joey the Chocolate Fountain. We picked out the three most lovely chocolate covered strawberries, yum!

Then as soon as we got home, Joey and I had a date to meet my friend at her new house with its new POOL. First dip of the summer. It was wonderful.

Picked up the kids from school and felt so happy I took them for gelato.

Have dinner (I've finally thought ahead for a change and it has been marinating the last 20 hours) ready for the grill.

House is getting cleaner including cleaning out the junk drawer and other hidden horrors.

I'm done with several of the stressers which usually lurk in the back of my mind. The last Girl Scout meeting of the year was last Thursday. My dance recital was Saturday. No more homework for the kids. Only two more lunches to pack for Emma for the year. Picnics on Wednesday (Max's class) and Thursday (Emma's class).

Just coasting now..........yippee!

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