Sunday, October 02, 2005

boys stink

This happens every Sunday. At our church the kids go to Sunday School while the parents attend Adult Sunday School. After Sunday School when the regular service starts, the kids go to Children's Chapel until about half way through the adult service, then they join us for Communion and such.

At Children's Chapel, they process (I can't figure out how to spell that...) into a chapel, light some candles, say a few prayers, and then they adjourn to the playground. By the time the kids join us in church, they look a little red in the face from playing so hard. But the fun isn't until they sit (the boys, I'm talking about ) Max and Joey sit right next to me and want "lovin'" which means hugs. Then I get my first whiff. Wet puppy. And by the time that hits my brain, they are wiping their forhead sweat on my bare arms, and I can feel the side of my shirt getting wet. UUUUGGGGHHH.

Pretty soon, David and I are making eye contact above their heads, they are actually stinky enough we feel that the people around us might notice!

Fortunately, no one has said a word. I'm usually able to convince Max to leave a two inch buffer zone between his body and mine. And I'm still hoping Summer will be over someday. Until then, look for me in the back right pews of St. Marks, with the families around us giving us lots of room.

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