Friday, November 18, 2005

Joey plus Kathy

Yesterday, David was watching the boys while I had my Brownie meeting at school. He took them to the playground, where lots of kids get to burn off steam before heading home. Max and Joey wanted to swing, and soon, one of Max's classmates, Uma was on the swing next to Joey.

Uma was swinging next to Joey and David heard her say, "Oh no, now we're married!". Apparantly at Bryker Woods Elementary, when your swing is in unison with the one next to you, you are married. Joey got upset and said, "I'm already married to MOM!"

On another note, I'm all packed up for the big 27 hour camp out with my Brownie troop. We meet at 9:00 tomorrow at a cool stone cabin hidden away in Zilker Park. It was built during the WPA era, and it is very cool. Anyway, I've been pretty low stress about the whole thing, because of having lots of other things on my plate this week. But now I'm pretty sure I'll forget something crucial, like matches, important food items, something! I have sucessfully remembered about 100 items but I just know, within hours I'll be saying, "DOH!"

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Kathy said...

Doh! Veggie Dogs for the vegetarian campers were left in my freezer.

Doh! Emma's PJ's