Wednesday, November 02, 2005

candy girl?

OK, it is confession time. All you parents (but I'm thinking of moms) out there who have had the kids' Halloween candy sitting around the house for 2 full days now. While the kids are at school, did you snitch?

Personally, I used to have no qualms about taking my "mom tax" in Almond Joys or Heath Bars or Bit 'O Honey. But David has really made me feel guilty! For some reason he feels the kids' candy is sacred and that even the thought of taking it is really sick. Now I feel guilty about eating it!

Before, I reasoned that eating two pounds of candy was not good for anyone, much less my small children. And, by eating some (very few) bits, I was actually sparing their teeth and health the bad influence of Mr. Mars and Hershey at the expense of my own. And actually, their favorites are generally not what I'm after. Smarties are fine, but even Joey told us on Halloween he didn't want chocolate candy. No chocolate!? I DO respect the chocolate and I will eat it so it won't get it's feelings hurt.

Anyway, I suspect that I'm not the only mom out there taking candy from babies. It's only because we love our kids (and the candy's feelings) so much. So the kids miss out on a few pieces, did you see how much they got? Emma had over 80, so did Max-- look at the pictures. These days the people at each house let kids take a handful. It is decadent. And it is sending my kids the wrong message, a message I must counteract before they take plentiful candy as the norm.

I'm proud to eat my kids' candy and I'm grateful that they don't know how to get to this website to read all about it.

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