Sunday, January 15, 2006

Max Meets a Legend

OK, this photo is out of sequence, but it deserves top billing. On our way out of DARRELL K ROYAL / MEMORIAL STADIUM, I made the spot of the night. I was the first fan to recognize Darrell Royal leaving the stadium from the luxury box section. I got Max one of the #1 posters they had given us that night and a Sharpie and told him to ask that man for an autograph. Max walked up and Coach Royal stopped and reached for the pen and paper. We were the only ones with him, his wife and their stadium escort. While he was signing, lots of people started stopping and one said "who is that?" I looked at her like she was crazy and said, "Coach Royal!", then a mob started forming.

It occurred to me that Max would probably appreciate a photograph of this great man when he was older, so I started digging out the camera. By then my brain had caught up with me and I was so nervous trying to delete some bad photos to make room for new ones now that my hands were shaking pretty badly. I shot about four photos, none of them were great, but we will frame this one with the autograph on the "#1" card.

All night I had thought about how great it would be to meet Vince Young and get his signature, but really, everyone, even Vince, would agree this was better.

My only regret after the fact was that I hadn't asked him to sign my vintage '63 sweatshirt I was wearing. But hey, pretty cool, nonetheless.


elisa said...

you scare me

Julie said...

My lord - I would NEVER have known it was Darrell Royal. Pretty cool though.