Tuesday, January 24, 2006

happy happy joy joy

If you read all that I commanded you to yesterday, you deserve a little reward. A light and fluffy blog entry.

Max (read.... David) did indeed win the "Coolest Car" trophy at Saturday's Pine Car Derby. I'm not sure who came up with the concept for "Bowling Pin Car with Flames" but its execution was flawless. It helps if you have the skills of a 40 year old, which Max has apparantly aquired somewhere along the way. The little car is a polished, well painted, work of art. Not the fastest thing, but pretty speedy. Good work, David/Max !

Emma is indeed selling Girl Scout Cookies...(with the skills of a 40 year old). We worked a booth at Randall's on Saturday from 11-1. It helps that our troop meets at an elementary school less than a block from the store, because we knew a high percentage of the customers. Guilt is a wonderful sales tool. For anyone with a sweet tooth, the flavors we have this year are the old favorites: Thin Mint, Peanut Butter Patties AND Peanut Butter Sandwitch, Shortbread (aka Scott Teas when I was little), Caramel deLites, Reduced Fat Lemon Pastry Cremes, and, making a debut this year..... Reduced Fat Cartwheels (oatmeal) and Thanks-A-Lot (shortbread on front, chocolate on back). So far our biggest customer is once again, Randy across the street, with his traditional purchase of a case of Thin Mints! Go Randy!!!! I bet someone out there loves Emma enough to be her new favorite customer.....guilt, guilt.......

Today Joey's funny story is the game he invented with David. David was the zookeeper and Joey was Little Boy Zoo Keeper. Not a terrific story, but cute.

Our other big news, Emma is 9! I've been unemployed for nine years today!!!!

Our daughter who loves all things Japanese had a wonderful day today. At lunch, David, Joey and I took her some California Rolls and took cupcakes for her class. She seemed very happy at her table of girls.

After school she had her hip hop class with special friend, Elouise. Then Elouise came over for a playdate where they made their own paint out of sidewalk chalk and painted walking sticks and their faces. Weezie stayed for dinner (KFC big bucket) and zebra cake.

The presents were very good. We got Emma a new teddy bear so that she would give Bear-Bear back to Joey. For some reason she had recently decided she loved Joey's bear and we had to fix that. She got a box of assorted goodies from Momoko, her favorite Japanese gift shop, she got a note explaining why her bento box from Japan was delayed... eBay purchase. And then we let her know that our friend Masako, who just returned from a trip to Japan, had picked up an antique kimono for her, and it should be here any day.

Linda got Emma clothes and jewelry and Gramma and Grandad got her a new pair of earrings and a fancy Swiss Army knife.

She was very happy today, and that made me happy, and I once again am reminded that 9 years passes in the blink of an eye.

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elisa said...

My kid won the Turtle race and got his picture in the paper. I was so proud.