Monday, August 14, 2006

offspring update


After 7 years with no cable, Emma is finally catching up to the popular culture of her peers. It's really hot, hot, hot outside, so for the last two weeks of summer we've had a "breaking in the cable" festival. For Emma that has meant a steady diet of Disney's original programming. Disney seems to be targeting on the pre-teen female market, and Emma has a target right about center forehead. Suite Life of Zac and Cody, That's So Raven, Hannah Montana have moved in.

At first I felt guilty, like I was voluntarily trading in my PBS loving girl for one who would fall in love with horrible pop songs, and all the commercials and their stuff that we've avoided since moving to Texas. But then I got to thinking about how Emma was sort of left out of all that stuff that her friends talk about. She became a scholar of sitcom, and can now be a part of playground debates. And the shows are pretty innocent. And kind of cute. And I've only downloaded one Hannah Montana song for my iPod.... for Emma! not me!


Only three words needed. King. Of. Bling.

Don't know where this is leading, but he is fascinated with the gumball machines at the grocery store. And at Toy Joy, our most excellent purveyor of merriment, he chose the biggest old Liberace style red plastic ruby ring. I have no hypotheses about this, just hoping it will run its course. We aren't worried about the love of jewelry, per se, but man, this stuff is gaudy.


Watching non stop Shaulin Showdown. Ninja type cartoon. Has magic weapons that David has recreated from the show.

Has many magic wands made from carved sticks. Interest in wands followed last viewing of Harry Potter.

So there you have it, introduce popular culture and you get three couch potatoes. One obsessed with weapons, one in love with pre-teen boy/girl dramas, and one who loves the bling. Go figure.


elisa said...

You know I always liked the idea of no tv but then I thought about how other kids would view my kid as a freak. Or my friends boyfriend that was raised without a tv and once he went to college stayed in his dorm all day watching his roomates tv. So we do tv.
My kids were a little freaked out by Joey's substitute Mama though.

Kathy said...

me too.

Did you notice the boobies? David added them as a request from Joey.

Mom said...

I think it is that Halloween-type face that give me the weird feeling.

Kathy said...

that is a left over Halloween deal that Emma made, and then wouldn't let us throw away. It has been all around the house for the last ten months. UGH>