Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fun 48 Hours...

I've had the most fun these last 48 hours. And I've become very aware how lucky I am to have such cool, funny friends...

Thursday, I took off with the Art Chicks, for an art field trip to Houston. I'm grateful for the funny friends, and for the (also funny) friends who took my kids home with them after school so that I COULD go to Houston. It was a boost to my mood to be on the road with a crazy, but very courteous and safe driver, Queen Verde, chocolate cravin', funny, Robbin, and our buddy from Marshall, TX, Gretchen. We are now talking about a road trip to Ft. Worth to the Kimball and the Modern.

Friday, I toured the house I loved with Mary V. She is another funny chick and we laughed our way through the house... I've worked past total infatuation and am now trying to address the realistic concerns involved in buying a house that should properly be condemed. Read the caption below for a good laugh.

After touring the house, I met my Par-tay Girls at the new Hyde Park Cafe location. My friend Erika and her husband are opening the restaurant, and they are giving it a dry run. For two days, all the friends and family have been invited to eat free as guinea pigs while the kitchen gets up to speed. Mary, Julie and I had a wonderful lunch... crab cakes are heavenly...(Go eat at Hyde Park!!!!) and I got to see lots of friends from Bryker Woods and Good Shepherd eating at all the tables around us... FUN!

Then, if that wasn't enough... today is Saturday, I got to be a guinea pig again for Erika.. pizza, chicken fried steak and fries....yum! (Go Eat at Hyde Park!!!!!) and tonight the fourth Par-tay girl Missy Kay is having her birthday party at Mary K's mom and dad's house. Swimming and Bar-B-Que, my oldest funny girlfriends.

I am getting a big dose of happy these days.

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