Saturday, April 09, 2005

I know it's Emma's turn for a photo and story... but today included an impromptu bluebonnet moment for the boys. We had just gotten done with Garrett's birthday party, and saw this lovely little patch of flowers. Hard to believe that our genetic stew could produce such a dark haired Max followed by Mr.Whitey, Joey. But, there you go.  Posted by Hello


Julie said...

Hmm...what did that ac repairman look like?

Amy said...

Now you Kennemer's no good and well we had a dark (Mike) and a Mr. Whitey (Arthur) when they were kids! Dad (Arthur) turned out with reddish-brown hair as an adult. I believe Becky and Lana were also light headed as kids also and they are now dark headed! I wonder what Joey will change into?