Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My Life on eBay

It all started innocently enough. Actually, not so innocently for Max. He had broken one of my dinner plates. It wasn't special, except to us, a pattern I bought at JCPenneys in Seattle shortly after moving there in the early 90's. But I liked it. So that was the first thing I looked for on eBay. From that single plate I've had over 200 transactions. You can find anything there.

My holy grail was finding a bedspread, Sears, circa 1969 that my sister and I had on our beds. It had Winnie the Pooh on it. I had one blanket, and Julie, who had loved Pooh well into college, did not have one. I always felt like I should give her mine, but I was too stingy. So after years of looking, I couldn't believe I found one.

Now I sell more than buy. I will sell anything. I find old Happy Meal toys on the floor of my car, and up goes a listing. Kids outgrow tap shoes, up goes a listing. David has old t-shirts, up goes a listing. You would not believe the things people buy, did I mention David's old t-shirts? I've made a few attempts to buy things that I think I can sell for more on eBay, it feels very risky, but it has paid off pretty well. I might try something really wierd soon, like old holey underwear. It's always the real crap that sells the quickest, in my experience.


Mom said...

Kinky people might be eager to bid on that underwear! You could retire from ebay a wealthy woman.

Anonymous said...


Holey underwear

Jim said...

I bet The Pope left behind a bunch of Holey Underwear. Imagine what you could get for that on Ebay.