Friday, April 08, 2005


We spent Max's kindergarten year "trying out" the sports. First was Soccer, and for some reason Maxie was on a team with semi-pro 6 year olds. I think some of them have been playing for years. It didn't help that no one in this household has ever played soccer before, and really had little interest in the rules of the game, etc. It was cute, even though Max didn't have "the eye of the tiger".

Then came basketball. Still no eye of the tiger, and worse, a son who begged us not to make him play. Ughh.

But now, it is baseball season. I played lots of softball growing up, David played baseball growing up. We love to watch games, and the uniform is just SO CUTE. Anyway, Max loves it. He asks me if he has a practice or game every day. (Three times a week I get to say "yes!") The weather is perfect, the kids on the team are all learning, Everyone bats each inning until they get a hit. No score taken. They all play on the field at the same time. And Max loves his new Burnt Orange bat so much that he took it to show and tell today.

Thank heaven for baseball!


Elisa said...

That is so cool. This is Blake's first year playing (sounds like the same rules). He is so excited. I think baseball is Austin's sport as well but he says he likes soccer better. I love that you are doing this too.

Gramma said...

Of course baseball has always been the Official Sport of the Kennemer Family. We'll have to start talking Austin into joining in. Grandad and I are glad to see the boys learning the game.