Monday, April 25, 2005

Emma's Writing Assignment

Emma was supposed to write a story for school. This is her first (unedited) draft, exactly as David and I read it tonight. I hope you enjoy, "How the Elephent got its ears".

How the Elephent got its ears

once, long agow thar was a baby elephent. He liked to play in mud, (un like all the other elephents) al thou he had plenty of friends. one day he said to his mom, "I'm hungry. We always have to have a bit of food a week." "Well, why don't you look for some penuts out side." his mom exclaimed. so he went out for some penuts. On the way he met a elf. "hey. I hurd you wanted some more food." the elf said. "yea but how can you get me any food." baby elefhent said. " I need you to follow me. But let me warn ya It gives difrent animals 1 big body part. ARe you shor"? Oh Im shore alright. Id rather look silly than die of starvathtion." baby elephent said. "Well make sure with your mom or dad." Okay. and baby elephent ran home. "hey mom.""yes" I got some thing exsept I need to ask you something." "yes dear, what is it". "The food will give surten animals big somethings." what ever makes you happy." so he took the food, and sure enuf he got something big. Ears! all the others wanted some and he told them whar the elf was and now all elephents have big ears.

The end

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Gramma said...

Priceless! These stories should be bound in a book EXACTLY as written!