Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pig Latin and Enemy Combatants

OK, this is a completely random thought. I was reading an editorial today where the writer slipped in a line of Pig Latin to make a point. And, of course, of the three or four words he used, one was the ubiquitous "ixnay". Why is "ixnay" in 100% of Pig Latin conversations, while its English equivalent, "nix" is seldom heard in our casual vocabulary?

Other than thinking about that koen all day, I've been mourning The Spring. It seems like we are firmly entrenched in The Summer now. It was hot today as I walked up to school to pick up the kids. Sweaty hot. I think the high was supposed to be close to 90 degrees. Damn global warming. Makes me want to fire politicians who espouse more drilling, and now, "nukular" power plants, instead of renewable power... Does the "firing politicians" part of that last sentence make me an Enemy Combatant? See how cranky I get when it's hot?


Anonymous said...

ixnay hetay iberalismlay... so which SUV do you drive?

Kathy said...

I do not drive a SUV. I have a Subaru Station Wagon. It is full to capacity almost everytime I drive. And it has a big honking sticker on the back, a "W" with a slash through it.

As far as the liberalism, my weblog, my politics. You don't like, you don't read....

ixnay nonymousay osterspay.