Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mister SIX

Yippee for Joey who is SIX years old today.
We love you Jo-Jo!

We had a Ben 10 birthday party for him at Zilker Park. If you are not "in the know" Ben 10 is a show on Cartoon Network. Ben is a little boy who can turn into any one of ten aliens. The beauty of this is that it gives the loving parent an almost endless supply of things to buy. But that's another story.... Today we used those ten aliens to make ten birthday games. I remembered to take photos of a couple of them! The names of the aliens are highlighted.

Four Arms/ Three-legged Race

Upgrade-ing their cupcakes

We missed the Zilker Train - twice!
So on the fly, David and I invented this "train game" which was really Crack the Whip.
The train motif was to honor the alien named XLR8.

Joey had a good time, and the guests seemed to as well. We are having pizza for dinner and opening presents. The fun continues.....

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Joey! From your cousins, aunt and uncle in Dallas!!!