Sunday, October 21, 2007

What we Saw at Maker Faire!!!....

David and Emma watch the Ping Pong ball projectiles that the Robot beyond just shot out

What a wonderfully fun day today. We went to Maker Faire at the Expo Center. We first heard of it from a Seatte friend who told us he was coming down. He backed out, but we are glad we didn't. What is Maker Faire you ask? Hmmm... a carnival for techhies? a geek convention? crafter's paradise? circus of the bizarre? YES, it is!

Someone rigged up a big screen TV, with a video game and some buttons to make this video pinball game.
Emma uses the motion thingie on her hand to make a robot pick up a can

Max watches an automatic sand art machine

Life sized Mousetrap Game. By the way, the big thing rolling by in the background is a human powered Ferris wheel. Three riders made it move forward by swinging in their seats. It was very cool. It rolled across while the mousetrap went off.

This was one of our favorite parts... Mentos and Diet Coke! These two guys had spent three hours setting up the display and it all went off in a three minute fizz of glory!

Where else do nerds get to sign autographs like rock stars?
We got to help decorate an Art Car

Other Art Cars included this Yarn Car...

...and the Camera Van

Astroturf car with gnome hood ornament

The End

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We want to go with you next year!!