Monday, May 12, 2008

Emma Rocks (actually, she Classicals)

Emma accepts her "Third Year Trophy" for making the Music Memory Team
yearly since third grade.

Emma and church friend, Sara, with their trophies.

Emma has a freaky memory for music.

Specifically, classical music, and jazz and musicals. Our school participates in a city-wide competition called Music Memory. In the fall, the students start learning the songs that are covered that year. There are 16 songs in all. By the spring, each school gives tests to narrow down to a team which is entered in the district competition. It is sort of like name that tune for classy music. They listen to short snippets and have to name the piece and composer.

This is what Emma's mind does best. She's been on the team each year she was eligible. On the following Monday, the team members receive their awards at the Monday Morning Assembly. That is when they find out how they did in the competition.

Each year, Emma has earned the highest honor, the Malcolm Gregory Award for having a perfect test paper. And this year, despite her certainty that she messed up on some of the answers, her freaky brain came through.

Yippee Emma!


Susan/Gramma said...

She's probably lucky that "good" music will fill her memory spaces as she gets older. Unlike her Gramma here who has all the lyrics of the songs from the 50s using valuable memory space. I'm sure Bach is better than the one-hit wonders of my day.

Congratulations to a great girl!!

Julie said...

Yeah, Aunt Julie can sing along to any 80s one-hit wonder.

Grace has a freaky memory in general; haven't tried her with music yet. I'm beginning to think we have a little mini-me Emma up here.