Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Day of Summer....

Hey kids! There is no water there!

We've been at summer almost a week now! That's hard to believe, but on the first day of summer, we met a few friends for River #2 on our Water Tour of Central Texas.

This time we visited San Marcos and the San Marcos River. It is much closer than the Guadalupe, about 40 minutes from home. The Guadalupe has always been my favorite, with its breathtaking big vistas, sheer cliffs, open wide swaths of river. In a way, though, the San Marcos was prettier. It's much smaller with vegetation teeming at the banks of the narrow river. And there are fewer signs of life as you float down. Not too many big houses on the banks. Funky old train trestles and bridges that you have to duck down in your tube to get past.

Ironically, the San Marcos is right in town, practically on the grounds of Texas State University, but it feels more secluded. It is very pokey, however. Lots of paddling and quite a bit of pesky duckweed.

This makes my third river since April; Blanco, Guadalupe and San Marcos. Now there are only about 5 or 6 left to hit.

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