Saturday, March 21, 2009

New York, New York!

This wasn't the first day's activity, but a nice photo to start off the report....
Joey at "Lady Liberty" as he calls the statue.

First Day in the city, Times Square

Lunching in Times Square

Blurry, but Joey's favorite memory from the trip

The American Museum of Natural History
Biological Diversity Exhibit

Joey indulges his love of weapons

Gum Gum Dum Dum

Times Square at Night

Tuesday's Walk

This is how we met New York, on foot, through lots of neighborhoods.
Our kids are troopers and walked miles
with very little complaining.

Tuesday's Lunch at a neighborhood Park
Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty

Wednesday, David and I went to the city by ourselves, so we could find some important landmarks....
and so I could fanatically be the first in line for the Daily Show taping!

Daily Show building... the sign over the door reads:
"Abandon News All Ye Who Enter Here"

Walking to the Train with Julie and Jim and David after the taping.

Emma's Required Reading in the 42nd St. Library Reading Room
(extra credit for this shot?)

St. Patrick's Cathedral..... the organist started playing while we were in there... very cool

If only Tina would have been walking out right then, I'm sure she would pick me to be a best friend!

Grand Central Terminal

Dylan's Candy Bar.... Candy for the kids, eye candy for Mom

after the candy....Central Park

Last day - Guggenheim!

Bonicles from the Toys R Us in Times Square...
(= Joey's Heaven)

Last Subway Home


Kim said...

Those are some amazing pictures, and I can't believe how much older all of the kids look. It looks like you made the absolute most of your time. I've got to get up there for a visit!

elisa said...

Holy crap I am tired after looking at all you did.

And could Max look more like Blake?

Julie said...

No Sin Will Find You picture?