Monday, July 25, 2005

What a cool guy! Everything is yellow here in Austin today. There was a story on the news about a local farmer's market that offered discounts on yellow produce, and gave away free bottled water to people who arrived in yellow on a bike. Joey has been shouting out "Beo-lla and Grace" everytime he sees them in the paper and on the news (which has been often!) Viva Lance! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

You're in the wrong state to hate George W, and from the overwhelming support of him in Texas, it sounds like you're a minority! What's to hate? So he is protecting our freedoms abroad to prevent us from another September 11 or another attack just like London and Egypt here recently. I know he isn't perfect, but if you people would exert as much energy trying to unite America as you do hating those in authority, it would be a better world. No one is perfect, I'm the first to admit it. But he is doing a great job. As far as the war goes...yeah, it sucks, but I guarantee you if you polled the soldiers, they would overwhelmingly be FOR it! Because we all know the military by and far REPUBLICAN? Why is that? I get tired of people saying, "Let's get our boys home!" I don't want them to be there either, if the cause isn't just. But they don't WANT to come home. They are fighting for a cause they believe in. That's my piece. GO GEORGE W!

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing your point of view. I think we will have to agree to disagree. That's what makes America great, right? I can still be an American, even a patriotic one, and not share your views, and vise versa.

I have lots of problems with George Bush, but not with all Republicans. For some reason, John McCain really impresses me. From what I can tell, he speaks the truth. He is a veteran, very patriotic, and he does not agree with all of what George W. Bush says, does, or thinks.

Some of my problems with George Bush have to do with his integrity. And, the integrity of those he surrounds himself with. Since we invaded Iraq it has been revealed that the Administration had no evidence of WMD in Iraq, Hussain was not trying to buy bomb making materials from Nigeria. There was no connection between Hussain and those who conducted the September 11 attacks.

Remember, we KNOW Osama was behind 9/11 and we KNOW that most of the hijackers were from our ally, Saudi Arabia. Yet that fight sort of just fizzled out.

The latest news says that in order to start the democracy in Iraq (the administration's third rationale for attackng Iraq) we had considered and abandoned the idea of fixing the elections. I'm glad they abandoned the idea, but sad they considered fixing elections an element of "building a democracy in Iraq". Fixing elections makes poor democracies, in my opinion.

Bush now says "aren't we better off without Saddam?, and isn't that worth the war?" Yes, I think the world is better off. No, I don't think that it was worth the war and the lives of our kids. I think war is reserved for when we are defending ourselves from attack.

Hussain was a bad guy. But the world is full of bad guys. I don't want America to spend its lives, and treasure, hopping around the globe in a never-ending quest to get rid of bad guys. There will always be bad guys somewhere.

In the meantime, people who recruit people to attack us, can point to our presence in Iraq -- with no end in sight, and convince followers that we never plan to leave. I wish Bush and Company would lay out a clear plan for wrapping this up, so we could take that recruiting tool out of the hands of bin Laden and our other real enemies.

Even if I was a true blue Republican, I would want to hear why my leaders did make their decisions. Asking for reasons and proof of your leaders is part of the freedom and responsibility we have as Americans. Our leaders should welcome investigation and keep government as open as possible. Our press should be viligent. And we should all be pushing our government to be even better... because that is our job.

I can love America without loving Bush. I can see things that aren't perfect and I hope and believe that they can get better. I hold my leaders (both parties) to their words. I expect that my government works for people, whether they have money or not. Because it's America.

I admire, and support our troops. They are the best in the world and they fight harder than any other military in the world. I want them home safe and sound. And I just don't believe that the reasons they were sent to Iraq were valid. And I'm still waiting for OUR president to resolve this mess, give us the answers to questions he's been asked about starting the war, and bring these men and women home to America.