Tuesday, December 06, 2005

slutty cowgirls and dish TV

OK. Two issues in life right now. Issue one, VERY BUSY. There is a sale coming up on Saturday. An art sale and I'm one of the artists selling stuff! My friend Robbin has held this sale for the last couple of years. I attended last year and thought it was really cool and I should spend all of 2005 making clever things to sell. By mid-November, I hadn't. And the date Robbin set was the same as my Brownie troop camp out. So, I figured I had all of 2006 to get crackin'.

Then she changed the date to December 10. No excuses and I said yes. So for the last month the house has gone to hell, since something had to give. Housework is not possible now. My bathrooms are messy, the laundry is a mountain of doom, I open the fridge at 6 wondering why the vegetables, milk, eggs, OJ haven't appeared magically since I no longer have time to shop.

What I have done is made really nifty pillows. For the moms out there, two styles: Slutty Cowgirl, or Day of the Dead. I am happy with both, and hope that I don't own all 15 at the end of the day on Saturday. Then I have about a dozen kids' tooth fairy pillows. Originally, I planned them to be sweet and cute, but I had some slutty cowgirl fabric scraps..... David is quizzing me on just who I imagine will buy their daughter a slutty cowgirl tooth fairy pillow. (me?) Then I sort of half heartedly made greeting cards. Cute, but it's been almost a month since I made them, and since my own Christmas cards are languishing unmade at the 40% completion point, I feel guilty working on any other cards. (Saturday night I go full steam on my cards! -- look for them in the mail mid-Dec)

Anyway, I'm almost set. And since 5 hours just became available tomorrow, I should be in good shape. Why, you ask, did 5 hour become available? Well, that is topic two: DISH TV.

For the last 5 1/2 years, David and I have been cable free. We watch a LOT of TV around here, so it is sort of amazing we cut the umbilical cord (coaxial) when we moved home to Austin. Well, we did. And every 6 months or so we talked about getting cable. But with the three kids, there was always something more pressing to fund. ($50 a month will not send them to Harvard, and that is what we currently put in the college fund!)

Anyway, long story short. We found a "bundle" from our phone company, DSL/Local/Long Distance/and Dish TV for about what we were paying two companies for DSL/Local + Long D. So we signed up Monday. Set to install the dish tomorrow. And today the dish TV guy was outside. I ran outside in a panic, thinking I had mis-written in my calendar. But no, he was the feasability guy, and due to the majestic Oaks surrounding our house, no clear view of the satellite. No dish. I'm waiting to hear from the phone company directly, since it was just a stroke of luck I asked him why he was parked in front of my house.

David is crushed. We were both set. Damn trees.


stephen guy said...

1)can we see pics of the pillows?
2)does this mean no christmas cards this year?

Kathy said...

Most of the pillows are sold! But I'm all geared up to make more, partly because I've had orders for more. So after Christmas the factory starts up again.

And, you will be receiving the Christmas card in Orcas, I'd imagine it is almost there by now!

Merry Christmas guys!

stephen guy said...

it just would not be christmas without the genet card - and it was in the mailbox when we arrived home on the island for our holiday - merry christmas genets! still want to see the pillows - and maybe buy a couple for our favorite slutty cowgirls. . .