Sunday, July 09, 2006


It always happens this way. A couple of nights with too little sleep. David and I stayed up too late last night, reading books (my new one is The Omnivore's Dilemma --- it is very good/insightful/disturbing). We turned off the lights around 1am.

4 am. Joey starts throwing up. Moves into our room and begins nap/vomit cycle that is about, oh, 20 minutes long. At about 4:45 we hear Max in his room, moaning. David dashes in, and gets him to the toilet. So then it is non stop fun. By 5:00, my paper was on the lawn, so I just decided to stay up and read the paper in bed so I'd be ready to roll Joey over and help him out with the trashcan.

Around 11:30 they are done with the worst of it. Started watching TV, and then around 4pm, it starts: the bickering we never even knew we missed! They are normal. They are fighting again! Hurray!

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