Wednesday, July 19, 2006

cable karma

First time in 6+ years, I ordered cable. I did it, because it would be stupid not to. AT&T (who I don't like) had raised our DSL and phone service so high that the competitor's price for cable, DSL and phone is only about $8 more. Now we can watch UT Football this fall! Hook 'Em. Not to mention Nick for the kids, HGTV for me, and Comedy Central for news.

Of course, 2 hours after ordering, the universe righted itself. I was up north checking out a very cool UT surplus auction. It was preview day. It was also 103 degrees and I had the kids. On the way home, the engine light not only came on, but blinked at me. I decided to drive straight to the dealer (4pm) and prayed to God the whole way to get me there safely. I could just picture myself stuck on the 183 overpass, with three kids, in the heat in a stalled car with all of Austin streaming by at 80 mph. Got to the dealer, waited with three kids for 2.5 hours. Found out it is a $1200 fix after just spending that much in May. No loaner car. Taxi home $45. Decided not to take taxi. Drove broken car home. Prayed again. Woke up today and drove to gas station/repair shop 1 mile away because I trust those guys to help me make a decision.

Anyway, if you believe in karma, was the chain of events.....

a) ordering cable::disordering of universe::highly expensive breakdown

b) contemplate buying UT surplus at auction::disordering of universe::highly expensive breakdown

c) repair car in May::growing hatred for car::car repays hatred with highly expensive breakdown

d) Heard Bob Dylan song sung by old black blues singer on radio yesterday "Everything is broken" :: contemplate download on iTunes :: song trying to become reality so that I will buy it.

or a combo of all.

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