Saturday, September 30, 2006

Joey Turns FIVE!

Happy Birthday Joey!

Right after Joey was born, when the kids came to meet him at the hospital, Emma told me they had decided a good name for the baby was "Zilkie," like Zilker Park. So when Joey decided to have his party this year at Zilker, we knew it was an inspired choice.

We had a two part-party planned and the weather couldn't have been lovelier... it was beautiful, clear and sunny, high 80's. For the first phase we had invited 5 of Jojo's classmates from the preschool. They got superhero capes and masks and played on the playground, running tireless David ragged. Next, we all took a bathroom break and then rode the train at Zilker. Cupcakes and ice cream and presents were next. After a little more play on the playground, those kids and their moms went to pick up big brothers and sisters from various elementary schools.

We hung out at the park waiting for our reinforcements to arrive. Joey's big friends from the Bryker Woods came next. We ended up with about 5 more kids in phase two. So we played more, ate cupcakes and ice cream, rode the train again and had more fun.

We got to the park at 1:15 and left around 6pm, worn out and happy, and Joey declared it a great party. Posted by Picasa


elisa said...

Yay, Happy Birthday Joey! We are late with the card once again!

Julie said...

Ah, so are we!