Wednesday, September 27, 2006

not a prude, but....

I've only got time for a teeny-weenie thought today, because I spent the whole morning shopping for Joey's birthday party (he turns 5 Friday!). I was at Party Pig, and made a quick check of the childrens' Halloween costumes offered this year. Actually, I'm pretty taken by how few kids costumes there are, and how the grown-up section is encroaching, but that is another post.

As I looked over the girl costumes, I noticed that there were probably 30 to pick from, although many were variations on a theme, pirate girl, cheerleader... Then I noticed, for the girl market, aged 6-16, the 30 costumes could easily be categorized as "sweet enough for a pentecostal" and "trampy." There were a couple of the trampy ones that were actually disturbing, one looked like a baby doll/hooker, there was a cheerleader of the damned/hooker, and witch/hooker. I'm not even categorizing the midriff bearing divas in the trampy category, I mentioned I'm not a prude, but it struck me that someone designed these costumes, and photographed them on 12(?) year old models, and their minds were not completely on kids having fun on Halloween.

Lucky for me, Emma is trending toward tomboy right now. My first stop of the day was Target to get Joey some Ben 10 toys and to get Emma "boy clothes." I was sort of sad about her abandoning her dresses a few years ago, but you know, maybe that's not so bad. I wonder if the tomboy label which lots of the girls in her grade and my scout troop are seeking, is because they are not ready to be mini teens.

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