Monday, October 09, 2006

Good Read, Good Watch

Very quick post, since I've been BUSY. I'm sewing like a crazy lady, trying to get my pillows ready for the big Fall Festival at our church. I'll be holding forth at my "funky pillow booth" next door to Robbin's "funky painted stuff booth". And I'm trying to get 40 pillows ready before Saturday -- I'm up to 26 tonight, which is cool, even if that's all I get.

Anyway, to the book, I just finished Gilead. I was trying to get it done for a book club, and ended up missing the discussion to wait for a locksmith to visit me and re-key the house Friday. (another story) It was a hard book for me to follow, as it is written without chapters, but worth the effort. I can tell I'll be thinking about it for a while. Lots of beautifully written paragraphs in there. It is the story of an older, ill preacher, mid 70s, who has a young son (7 or 8). The book is a letter written to the son. Some of the thoughts about God, prayer, and love, took my breath away.

The bigger recommendation I have for you is this: Please make time to see An Inconvenient Truth. I will pay for your rental fee. I will pay your Netflick fee. It is that important.

I saw the movie at church last night. I think only one person admitted to being a Republican during the discussion session that followed, but I really think this is the kind of movie that needs to be seen by people who think the current administration is doing a good job. The facts about global warming, and they are facts, are impossible to ignore. It makes any other issue you might hinge your vote on, pale in comparison.

Before and after shots of glaciers, snow capped mountains, and then endless graphs of historical climate data make a methodical case. Laid down one after another, the facts just kept on coming. Al Gore narrarates, and I'm sure there are people who will discount the movie, just because they hate him, or Democrats. But I invite anyone to watch the movie and then convince me that global warming is just some sort of theory dreamt up for some reason to scare/bankrupt/spoil our fun. I'm eager to hear anyone question the premise that we are on a disaster course, because it would be wonderful if Gore and countless scientiets are completely wrong about this.

The movie addresses the idea that there is somehow controversy in the scientific community over the notion of global warming. It examined over 900 peer reviewed studies about climate change and the percentage of them that show global warming to be unrelated to human action are ZERO. But the press stories studied showed over 50% to have reference to a "controversy in the scientific community."

The rate of change, the rate of effects that are being seen right now, are astounding.... and scary.

The movie might not be out on DVD quite yet. I think our church got a copy that was pre DVD release, but please go see it when you can.

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