Thursday, October 26, 2006

Vote for Bell

If you are one of my legions of readers, and you were contemplating voting for Kinky, please read this.

And if you'd like some information about Chris Bell, who I plan to support, please email me. I feel strongly that he is the guy to get behind to rid our state of Rick Perry.

I had this letter published in the Statesman today responding to their endorsement of Rick Perry for Governor....

I can't believe how soon the Statesman is willing to forgive and forget.

Tom DeLay didn't force redistricting on Austin without the local help of Rick Perry. Many of us attended numerous hearings at the Capitol, trying to protect our city's right to a locally based representative in Washington. My democratic rights, and those of the citizens of Austin were trampled by the DeLay/Perry assault, when Austin and Travis County were drawn and quartered into four gerrymandered districts stretching across the state.

Chris Bell, the Democratic candidate to replace Rick Perry as Governor, started the ball rolling with an ethics complaint, which eventually led to the downfall of Tom DeLay. As an Austinite who would like once again to have one D.C. Representative based squarely in Austin, I'm doing everything I can think of to help Chris Bell replace the other half of the dastardly duo.

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