Friday, November 17, 2006

Waking Joey

Every school day, the big kids get up at 6:30. David and I get them dressed, fed, lunchboxed, and off to school by 7:30. Lately, David's the guy to ferry them to Bryker Woods, and then he just keeps on going to work.

I enjoy a few moments of quiet, then I wander in to wake up Joey. Usually, he has switched over to our bed, and he sleeps very hard in the morning. Recently it occurred to me that this a special little time with him, before he starts "big kid school" next year, so I am savoring every morning of his wake ups. I crawl in next to him, and on these cold mornings, I snuggle up to this little warm lump.

He smells like a little piece of toast.

And that is my best moment of the morning.

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