Sunday, December 09, 2007

Trail of Lights Night

Tonight was Emma's big night, the opening of the Trail of Lights! She brought along a friend, and at every step of the way, we were pleasantly surprised that the guest limitations had been lifted. We thought only Emma and two guests would get to attend the VIP party... nope, all 8 of us got in! Our family of five, Emma's friend, David's mom and our favorite sitter, Elisa.

They had promised "light food" but we got fajitas from Taco Cabana... yum and no late dinner to cook!

Then, for the sleigh ride we had been told would have Emma plus guest, was changed. Now all six art winners, plus siblings, plus a family adult got to ride in the JUMBO 25-person sleigh. We let David's mom be the one adult, and Elisa, David and I walked alongside the sleigh.

Joey uses our new kiddie digital camera to take a photo of a very special couple....

And Emma gets a seat of honor on the sleigh... everyone else is seated above and behind her.

Sleigh-full of kids... our boys were on the top row, where we couldn't quite control them verbally.

We found the sleigh good at blocking the surprisingly cold wind! Zilker Tree in the background... only a week ago, it was the main attraction.

Getting ready to cut the ribbon.....

Emma got to be the person wielding the oversize pair of scissors.... and she got to countdown from ten before cutting the ribbon. After it was cut, the lights came on, and Emma was hustled back onto the sleigh. Those of us "VIPs" walking alongside the sleigh got to follow it into the trail of lights, while all the villagers huddling behind their barricades had to wait a bit longer.

Once we were about half way through the one mile trail, they got to start their walk.
It's nice to get the VIP treatment!
Hard to get photos with the flash on, and blurry without the flash, but I like this better. This is the mayor in the tan pants to the right, next to the sleigh, which is entering the big tunnel of light at the entrance to the trail.

Lots of beauty.
These are very blurry, but it was so pretty there and this is the best I could do... my old friend with vertigo (Par-tay) just needs to scroll on down.

The kids in Santa's house. By the time we got here, M/M Claus greeted Emma by name. Mrs. Claus called out, "Santa! Emma's here!"

Joey and his beloved Elisa.
He is 6 and she is 16 so they posed by the Six Swans a Swimmin' display.

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